Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring. TOP 3 Reviews

Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

Why should we have a pulse oximeter?

Oxygen plays an essential role in the life of the human body. In case of violation of the oxygen deliveries the processes in the human body, hypoxia, or oxygen starvation, occurs.

This, in turn, entails a malfunction of the functioning of all processes in the body. The sooner hypoxia is detected and actions are taken to maintain and eliminate deficiency states, the more favorable the result will be. In order to prevent irreversible consequences, treatment must be started at the initial stages.

Devices called pulse oximeters are used to determine the level of oxygen saturation in arterial blood...

Why can saturation drop?

For the normal functioning of the body, cells must receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Two systems are responsible for its transportation: respiratory and circulatory. A drop in saturation indicates a malfunction in one of them, and sometimes both.

Blood carries oxygen only in conjunction with hemoglobin, a special iron-containing protein found in red blood cells. When inhaling, air enters the lungs, oxygen is bound with hemoglobin in erythrocytes, which pass through the capillaries of the lungs. To deliver oxygen to the tissues, the heart pumps blood throughout the body.

The degree of oxygen saturation in the blood is called oxygen saturation. This indicator can be used to determine whether the respiratory and cardiac systems are working normally. If the value decreases, it is necessary to conduct an examination and identify the cause in order to prevent hypoxia and other negative consequences.

For a sufficient supply of cells:

  • Oxygen must enter the lungs from the air;
  • Alveolar gas exchange ensures the penetration of oxygen into the blood;
  • The amount of hemoglobin must be sufficient to carry oxygen to the tissues;
  • The heart must work to pump enough blood to supply all tissues.

It is worth monitoring oxygen saturation using Pulse Oximeter if the following complaints / symptoms are present:

  • Snoring and intermittent respiratory arrest during sleep;
  • Frequent urge to use the toilet at night (more than twice);
  • Complaints of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing at night;
  • Restless sleep, sweating, feeling tired and weak after waking up;
  • Headaches of varying intensity, noted in the morning;
  • Cyanosis (blue discoloration) of tissues;
  • Feeling very tired and drowsy during the day;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux, belching at night.

Here is a comparison of TOP 3 Pulse Oximeter

FeatureWellue O2RingContec CMS50FWellue Oxylink
Measurement ModeContinuous all-day measurementContinuously tracks oxygen levels and heart rateContinuously tracks oxygen levels and heart rate every second
Rechargeable via USB with 12-16 hours battery lifeRechargeable via USB, lasts ~24 hours in record modeRechargeable via USB with 12-16 hours battery life
Wireless CapabilityYes, BluetoothNo, comes with download cable for transferring data to computerYes, Bluetooth
Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 ReviewsBest Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 ReviewsBest Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

Reviews of Wellue O2Ring

Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

Wellue O2Ring is a convenient silicone ring pulse oximeter with built-in SpO2 sensor that detects blood oxygen saturation and a heart rate sensor.

The ring tracker is an additional device for monitoring health in people with heart and lung diseases, sleep apnea attacks. The pulse oximeter has a built-in vibration alert system for changes in blood oxygen levels and heart rate for user feedback. And also O2 Ring uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the phone.

The tracker ring can be worn throughout the day, but it will be most beneficial at night, especially for those people who have episodes of obstructive sleep apnea, the main manifestation of which is snoring.

In obstructive sleep apnea, oxygen saturation drops and hypoxia occurs. O2Ring responds to changes in oxygen levels with vibration, which helps wake the user up, notifying them to change their body position to a more comfortable one, or to regain breathing and fall asleep again.

The tracker ring stores up to 40 hours of information on the level of oxygen in the blood, heart rate and movements during sleep.

We can sync O2Ring data with the ViHealth app by installing it on the phone. In the application, we can set the vibration volume level so as not to wake up the sleeping person nearby, as well as oxygen thresholds and heart rate, after consulting a doctor…

Reviews of Contec CMS50F

Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

CMS50F Pulse Oximeter adopts Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology integrated with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology, which can be used to measure human oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger.

The device is suitable for use in family, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare and physical care in sports, etc. (It can be used before or after exercise, but not recommended to use during exercising).

It has a Low-voltage indication: the low power indication symbol appears when the voltage is too low to work.

There is also a sound prompt function: over-limit prompt of measured value, probe-off or finger-out prompt, low power prompt…

Reviews of Wellue Oxylink

Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring.TOP 3 Reviews

Wearable Oxygen Monitor is a soft ring sensor makes it comfortable and never goes off from your finger for daily use. Oxylink doesn’t provide readings during sport, what you need to do is just stop moving to stay still about 10s to get the readings.

Using it during exercise is problematic, device will not record O2 saturation (stuck on 97) or pulse (stuck on 96) accurately on bike ride.

Continuously monitoring and recording blood oxygen levels, heart rate and motion, continuous using up to 16 hours. It has a free APP for Android and iOS: The Vihealth APP shows the graphic report and trends of blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and motion.

Data analysis can help you avoid unhealthy conditions and improve your lifestyle.

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