Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

Ear candles are often touted as a home remedy for wax congestion. But do they really work, how safe are they?

If you suffer from earwax build-up, then you know how painful and annoying it can be.

Many people turn to home remedies like ear drops, earmolds, and ear wax candles to get rid of the wax plugs. Some of these remedies are not the best choice for treatment, in particular ear suppositories.

Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

What are ear candles?

Ear candles are a hollow beeswax tube that is inserted into the ear canal and set on fire.

They are indicated

  • For removing sulfur,
  • Eliminating inflammation and infections,
  • As well as relieving pain,
  • Which can accompany many pathologies of the human hearing organ.

Does this practice really work? The answer is no. Extensive research has been done on the effectiveness of ear suppositories and it has been specifically found that this practice does not make sense. While the candle is burning, suction does not occur, and there is no point in “lighting up” your ears. In fact, an ear candle carries serious risks.

The Truth About Ear Candles

At its best, an ear candle is ineffective and pointless. In the worst case, this can lead to hearing loss. Here are the facts about your ears and why these candles are always a bad idea.

“Ear candles suck out earwax”

Earwax is sticky and thick. It clings to the inside of your ear and dries slowly. Over time, thanks to the movements of the jaw, it is removed from the ear canal and it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

The ear candles do not produce any suction, which makes this statement false. Assuming they are capable of this, it will take a lot of suction force to remove the earwax from your ears, which can rupture your eardrum.

“Ear candles melt earwax “

Even if the candle could burn at a temperature high enough to melt the earwax, that amount of heat would be dangerous. You should never place an open flame or heat source in your ear. It makes no sense to melt the earwax, as it can flow back inside and solidify in the mass.

Despite this, candles do not melt earwax, only candle wax.

Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

“Ear candles cleanse my ear canals”

Your eardrums block your middle and inner ear from the outside world. It is impossible for ear candles to suck out debris and fluid from these areas because they are sealed in your head. If these areas are damaged, you run the risk of infection and hearing loss. Ear candles are meaningless, so this is a completely false statement.

Risks of ear suppositories

When you use candles, you put yourself at risk:

1.Push the earwax even further into the ear canal. Ear candles do not produce suction, and inserting foreign objects, such as candles, into the ear can simply push the earwax further and cause it to harden.

2.Burn yourself. There is a possibility that the hot wax will come into contact with particularly sensitive face, scalp and ears, which can result in painful burns.

3.Increase ear blockage. When a candle burns, wax can enter your ear canal and this will only worsen the problem.

4.Perforation of the tympanic membrane. If the candle is inserted too far or hot wax drips into the ear canal, it can damage the eardrum and cause serious hearing problems. Never insert anything into the ear canal, even if the candle practitioner tells you it is safe!

Ear Candles: To Use or Not?

If you suffer from ear wax build-up, suppositories may seem like a cheap and easy solution. However, it is better not to do the treatment at home, but to go to a professional right away. Dctors are trained in how to safely and comfortably remove wax plugs, and it is much safer than buying ear suppositories.

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