How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Damaging Sweets?

How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Sweets?

How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Sweets?

The harm of sugar consumed in large quantities has been known for a long time.

Doctors talk about the uselessness of this product in our diet and ask to replace it with more useful alternatives. It is recommended to exclude sweets first of all if you care about your figure and lose extra KG, want to improve your skin condition, have diabetes or have allergies.

How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Sweets?

 White sugar consumption causes high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.

Not surprisingly, as soon as we are forced to remove foods with a high concentration of sugar from the menu, the body begins to stubbornly resist.

Moreover, it seems that thoughts about this product are becoming even more intrusive than before, when we allowed ourselves to eat it.

There are a number of reasons why the need for sweets becomes overwhelming.


Under severe stress, cravings for sweets can be easily explained. When we consume sugar, the body begins to produce serotonin, a hormone that regulates anxiety, joy and is responsible for our mood.

It is with the release of serotonin that stress is relieved, anxiety goes away. In addition, chocolate additionally contains magnesium, which has a calming effect. Therefore, do not be alarmed if, in a difficult life situation or with a busy work schedule, you want to eat something sweet.

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2.Chromium deficiency

The level of glucose in the blood, the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and the sensitivity of cells to insulin depend on this trace element. With a stable level of chromium, the protein hormone is produced in the pancreas in smaller quantities, but this is enough to meet the body’s needs.

How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Sweets?

3.Insulin dependence

With the abuse of sweets, an increased production of insulin occurs. At this moment, we can experience a surge of vitality and energy. But, as with any other addiction, the effect is short-lived: soon a person seeks to get a new portion of sugar-containing foods.

Sometimes the body needs sweets for good reason, that is, not just like that, but when it really lacks something. Therefore, in order to satisfy the need, it is necessary to take care of the following things.

  • Stimulate serotonin production with healthy foods. Meat, milk, mushrooms, legumes, potatoes and grains can help with this.
  • Replenish the lack of chromium. In addition to individual dietary supplements, fish, seafood, eggs and broccoli contain it.
  • Monitor the intake of beneficial carbohydrates into the body.

Thanks to the above actions, we will satisfy the unconscious need for sugar, bringing the balance of nutrients back to normal.

But are there any harmless products that can replace sweets in taste and bring not only benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure? The answer is simple: of course there is.

How to Eat Less Sugar and How to Replace Sweets?

 TOP Harmless Products that can replace sweets

1.Fruits and berries

They are a natural substitute for sugar and contain essential vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals. And fructose is unlikely to harm the body in the quantities in which fresh fruits contain it.

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An excellent alternative to store-bought juices with a high sugar content. A homemade smoothie will prove to be a much healthier and more satisfying drink.

3.Dried fruits

They can really replace candy and improve your well-being. For example, dates energize, prunes help fight problem skin and relieve fatigue, dried apricots strengthen the cardiovascular system, and raisins – nervous. But with dried fruits, it is also better not to overdo it.


Choose the dietary option that is made with natural applesauce and egg white.


Another option to replace regular sugar. But, despite the naturalness of the product, in terms of calorie content, it is not inferior to refined sugar. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!