Metabolism: What is it and How to Speed it up? 5 Basic Methods

Metabolism: what is it and how to speed it up?5 Methods

Metabolism: What is it and How to Speed it up?

Metabolism: what is it and how to speed it up?

Many people believe that their many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight are due to poor metabolism, and not to the wrong approach to weight loss. It is on this delusion that unscrupulous entrepreneurs profit by selling “magic” pills for a lot of money to speed up metabolism. Attention! Try to understand that not a single pill, exotic fruit or miracle tea can really start fat burning processes.

 Metabolism is a group of complex processes in the body that convert calories from food into energy that is useful for human life. It depends on:

  • The nutritional value of the food consumed;
  • Regularity and intensity of physical activity;
  • Ambient temperature;
  • Psycho-emotional state;
  • Age;
  • Weight.

Various factors affect the rate of assimilation of food. For example, when under stress, the body begins to produce cortisol, which slows down digestive processes and stimulates the storage of body fat.

Metabolism means different processes – from digesting breakfast to breathing during sleep, when the body transports oxygen to the organs without the participation of the brain.

 Metabolism has no speed, which means that there is no classification for slow, normal and fast. This is due to the fact that its speed cannot be measured. But even if this were possible, there are no equivalent units of measurement that could describe this speed.

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What food can affect your metabolism?

Metabolism: what is it and how to speed it up?5 Methods

Basic metabolism can be affected by protein foods. Thermogenesis (the process of producing heat in organisms…) Proteins are slightly different from carbohydrates and fats. If carbohydrates and fats are stored during overeating, then we have no reserves for proteins. The more a person’s protein intake, the more his muscle cells will be renewed.

And these processes are very energy consuming. Therefore, if you want to have something to eat, so that it does not affect your figure, body fat, then give preference to protein foods.

Only proper nutrition will help you. Because the diets with different names do not work. You can eat cakes and not get fat. It’s true. But we have to reckon with our biological rhythms and genetics. If we add a small cake in the morning when we have the fastest metabolism, then during the day we will use up that cake and not get better. At the same time, the rest of the time we will adhere to proper nutrition.

According to all experts, there are no universal products that help speed up the metabolism. Coffee, chili peppers, and spices may help a little, but the effects are so low and short-lived that you won’t notice any significant changes. Dietary supplements, vitamins and “magic pills” are nothing more than fashion trends.

How else to speed up your metabolism?

1.Try getting enough sleep first. Plan your day to have at least six hours of sleep (preferably eight). A tired body will not be able to perform all its functions to the fullest and will require more sugar from you to get energy.

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Metabolism: what is it and how to speed it up?5 Methods

2. It’s the best if you plan your daily routine so that you go to bed and get up earlier. The longer you lie in bed, the fewer meals you have left, and it may happen that you only have breakfast at lunchtime. Because of this, the food will not have time to digest and will be deposited in fat in the sides.

3. Drink a lot of liquid. Better if it is ordinary drinking water. It will “start” the body in the morning, help it work and deliver nutrients to all the cells.

4. Increase the amount of protein in your food – they should be present in at least two meals every day. Make sure you have meat, yogurts, kefir, cheese and eggs in your diet.

5. Get Tempered – At low temperatures, the body spends more energy to keep warm. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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