2 Healthy Delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

Healthy delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

Healthy Delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

Everyone knows that all children, and many adults, are madly in love with sweets, but no matter how much they warn us that sweets adversely affect the figure and teeth, we still do not stop pampering ourselves with “sweet things” …

Why are Marmelade and Marshmallow Healthy Delicacies?

Contrary to the general opinion that sweets bring only harm, marmalade, marshmallows are very useful products.

Healthy delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

Of all the existing sweets, nutritionists recommend them, since compared to cakes, or buns, these delicacies have very few calories at all, which means that people who care about their shapes, without any remorse, can afford to drink tea with one or the other marshmallow, marmalade.

These delicacies also contain a valuable component – a gelling agent, in the role of which are gelatin, agar or pectin.
Gelatin is made from cartilage, bones and tendons of animals, and pectin and agar are substances of plant origin, which, in addition to the main gelling properties, contain a lot of useful components.

Pectin is found in the cell walls of almost all plants. It is unique in its properties. We see its jelly-like droplets when we bake apples with sugar. Pectin neutralizes and removes from the body radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, lowers blood cholesterol levels, normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, has a pronounced antiviral and antiulcer effect.

Healthy delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

Agar (agar-agar), obtained from red seaweed. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamins E, K and B5, zinc. The iodine contained in it is good for the thyroid gland. Agar normalizes digestion, facilitates liver function, and acts as a mild laxative. The swelling substances of raw materials do not decompose either in the acidic environment of the stomach, through which they pass very quickly, or in the alkaline environment of the intestine, and as a result of strong swelling, they increase the contents of the intestine, which causes its peristalsis.

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Other ingredients used to make these confectionery congeners are equally beneficial to our health. Fruit and berry puree is rich in vitamins, egg whites serve as a building material for muscle tissue, and molasses strengthens the immune system, promotes concentration and generally improves brain function.

Marhmellow and Marmelade History

The first marmalades that Europeans met in Asia Minor during the era of the Crusades and French marmalades during the heyday of confectionery art in the 18th century. made from apples and quince.

French confectioners noticed that not all fruits, but only some, are capable of giving, when boiled, a mass that solidifies to a solid state, unlike jam, which was explained by the content of pectin as an astringent substance in them. They were selected for the preparation of the base of “non-staining, hard, candy-like jam”, which received their name “marmalade”.

Healthy delicacies: Marmalade, Marshmallow

In the composition of marshmallows, there are absolutely no fats – both animal and vegetable. For its production, only proteins, sugar, fruit and berry puree and a number of natural thickeners such as agar-agar, pectin or gelatin are used. Thanks to this, marshmallows are low-calorie, but very tasty. In addition, it contains a lot of phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It has a positive effect on blood vessels, hair and nails. As for vitamins, you will not find them in marshmallows, since they are destroyed during the production process.

Depending on the raw materials used, the modern food industry produces fruit and berry, jelly and fruit and jelly marmalade. If the composition of the marmalade contains a large amount of gelatin, then it acquires chewing properties. Gummies are just as healthy as regular gummies, but they are often overloaded with colorings and preservatives. Choose marmalade by color: the more natural (and dimmer) the color, the more likely it is that natural dyes have been used. And if instead of gummy you chew “a piece of rubber”, and even crispy – this is a fake

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While marmalade was made from apples and honey, later replaced by sugar, the peculiarity of marshmallow, as a purely Russian confectionery product known back in the XIV century, was that it was made from the Antonov apple variety, which had no distribution in Western Europe.

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