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If you’ve tried to lose weight and failed so many times,you may believe that it’s just too difficult to achieve your main goal. So, you chose the perfect motivation website for burning fat!

You followed a diet, eliminated starchy foods and sweets, and got used to regular exercise. At first, the weight decreased, but then a plateau came: the figure on the scales frizzes or even increased slightly. Our team will help you to analyze why weight loss can stop and what to do in order to still achieve an ideal figure.

We also know so many effective ways how to lose weight by avoiding common dieting pitfalls, and suffering from exhausted trainings. We know how to motivate you and pamper you with harmless desserts.

Let us introduce ourselves. Our Website’s Team are: Qualified Nutritionists and People who have managed to lose extra KG by themselves from different parts of the world.



 He is the head moderator of the website. He is responsible for an operation processes and technical issues. The head of Online Burn My Fat Shop +Lost 20 kg in less than 1 year by following different diets.


 Julia is a qualified specialist in nutrition.The holder of different international certificates of nutrition. She is responsible for the best weight loss recipes and healthy beauty secrets.


 Ernest is an experienced coach in weight loss aspects who has been working with people with extra kg. He knows how to find motivation for weight loss and how to stop gaining weight forever.


 This is a guy who lost 15 kg in 6 months by completing different weight loss exercises. He is sharing his unique experience with you at BurnMyFatFast.com!

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Our main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!