Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

Very often during a diet and proper nutrition you want something sweet. At these moments, we start surfing the Internet and find many dessert recipes that, at the first glance, are absolutely harmless, and look very appetizing.

What are these Low Fat Desserts? But what is actually hidden behind the low fat desserts?

Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

The truth of Low Fat Desserts!

As it turns out, healthy desserts are no different from ordinary ones in terms of their calorie content.Their only advantage is that they exclude sugar, preservatives, dyes and other things that are not useful for the body.

Proper desserts are made up of simple carbohydrates. The calorie content of the main ingredients of low fat desserts’ products and standard ones is almost the same, and the difference between the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is negligible.

Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

You have to know, that excess weight appears not from the set of ingredients from which the dessert is made, but from the daily calorie surplus with excessive and incorrect consumption of this dessert.

The only thing to remember when consuming Low Fat desserts is to keep track of the amount of healthy sweets you eat. Remember, that only a moderate portion will be good for your figure. It is much more honest and correct to eat 100 gr of a classic dessert than 300 gr of a low-calorie one.

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 The main ingredients of low fat desserts

Healthy desserts are accompanied by enticing formulations “low fat desserts, “low fat”, “sugar free” and etc.

To remove calories, fat is removed from the product. Low-fat products do not have any taste, and in order to make it appear, for greater attractiveness, various food additives are used – starch, sugar or sweeteners (natural or synthetic).

Starch contains gluten, which is allergic, and sweeteners provoke the release of excess insulin, and in the long term are fraught with the development of diabetes.

Healthy desserts do not contain animal products. Cow’s milk is being replaced with soy milk, coconut milk or oat milk. And most importantly, vegetable milk (plant milk) is stored for a very short time, therefore many preservatives are added to it to extend the “shelf life”.

Low Fat Desserts & Healthy Desserts

You can buy ready-made healthy desserts, but from trusted pastry chefs who make them strictly to order – or you can learn how to cook by yourself. In this case, you will definitely be sure that your sweets do not contain harmful components, and have useful fiber, “good” fats and vitamins.

Useful Tips how to eat Low Fat Desserts =)

  1. You can eat natural chocolate, but only if the cocoa content in it is more than 70%. But even if there is a bar of such chocolate in front of you, you should not immediately eat it. Even the healthiest and most natural chocolate should be consumed in small quantities!

2. Muffins can be substituted with baked cottage cheese and fresh or dry fruits.

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3. If you have a strong craving for ice cream, natural yogurt is the best alternative. You can freeze it and add some fruits and berries. Cakes can be replaced with cheesecakes and in small quantities.

4. Always read the ingredients list.

5. Add honey instead of sugar, (floral honey is very suitable) or natural syrups.

6.The best low fat desserts for tea are baked apples or pears. This low-calorie dessert is a great alternative to cakes and candies as it only contains about 50 calories!

7. If you really want a chocolate dessert, then you can replace it with a cup of cocoa. Here I am talking about natural cocoa without added sugar and other ingredients. You can cook cocoa with plant milk, adding a little cinnamon and vanilla for flavor.

Remember that eating well is not a test of willpower, but a way of life that should bring you pleasure.

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