Know it All !Why is laziness dangerous?

Why is laziness dangerous?

Know it All ! Why is laziness dangerous?


“Laziness is a disease ”– such a statement can be made based on the following:

Laziness interferes with effective and efficient work. This is the first sign of a sickness in the body. It “does not allow” to do what you want or need to do. It is a psychological barrier.

The more you allow yourself to be lazy, the more difficult it is to get out of this state. That is, the disease is progressing.

How does laziness settle within us?

Why is laziness dangerous?

We have identified the problem itself. If laziness is a disease, what are its causes?

For those who nevertheless decided to look into the essence of the problem, we will analyze the main reasons for laziness and recommendations for action. After all, knowing your enemy is the first step towards overcoming it. Since laziness is a subconscious reaction of the body to a certain activity, in order to understand it, it is necessary to understand the basics of psychology.

For example, such:

  • Psychological blockage for a particular type of activity. As a rule, acquired in childhood (parents made me wash the dishes, and if I didn’t do it, I was severely punished. In adulthood, those memories are gone, and washing the dishes is terribly lazy).
  • Low energy levels of the body.
  • The Lack of Motivation

    A person is too lazy to get down to business if he/she is sufficiently motivated for it. This is when it comes to external stimulus. For example, a child will be more willing to learn a lesson if he knows that after that he will receive something pleasant. Or he won’t get anything unpleasant. In this case, laziness can be overcome by bribery or threat.

    It’s harder to influence yourself. Self-motivation of adults is a difficult science and not accessible to everyone. But, at the same time, it is extremely important. After all, to go or not to go to work, to look or not to look for the next client – can be much more important than homework. And the consequences of such laziness will be an order of magnitude worse than two for a quarter.

  • Pathological conditions.

    Laziness can arise from illness.

    Chronic fatigue does not concern one thing, but covers all areas of life. The causes of painful laziness are varied. From an abundance of stress and regular overwork, to viral or bacterial infections, etc.

    If such a condition occurs, it is necessary to take a rest for a while and, depending on the severity of its manifestations, even consult a doctor!

    Why is laziness dangerous?

  • Continuation of the previous points, summarizing their main theses. Laziness for many becomes a style of behavior. 

    In this case, laziness is a destructive habit and you should get rid of it.

    After all, the worst enemy of passivity is action. And in order to stop being lazy, first of all, you should start doing it.

  • Irresponsibility.
    Laziness is characteristic of those who are not used to being responsible for anything in their lives. A banal desire to “go with the flow” and blame your problems on someone else. The blame for this lies with their parents. In any case, it is more convenient for them to think so. Others are always to blame for them, and circumstances prevent them from doing anything, etc. The older a person becomes, the more difficult it is for him to change this stereotype of thinking.

The relationship of laziness with other psychological problems?

Why is laziness dangerous?

According to many experts, procrastination syndrome occurs in response to the senselessness of performing certain tasks. That is, we are too lazy to take on work in which our subconscious mind does not see common sense.

On the other hand, a person, especially in his youth, is simply not able to adequately assess the importance of everything that is entrusted to him. So it turns out that the harm or benefit of laziness depends on the source of its origin. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!


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