What is the secret behind long life?

Best Secrets of Long-Livers

Despite a huge number of hypotheses about the secrets of health and longevity, as well as the fact that all centenarians have different living conditions – climatic, geographical, social, the opinions of all scientists are in solidarity that the nutrition of centenarians is very closely interconnected with longevity and plays one of the most important roles.


Best Secrets of Long-Livers

With all their differences and characteristics, centenarians of all regions of the Earth have very similar features and rules for eating.

The secrets of long-livers are pretty simple, like everything genius…

Let’s discuss it now…

Best secrets of Long-Livers?

1.Eating Small portions 

All the long-livers of the world eat very little, never overeat and leave the table without feeling of full. They do not have excess weight and obesity, which, as you know, does not add health and longevity.

2.Eating products grown in the climatic zone of actual residence

Long-livers of the world eat only those products that grow in their climatic zone, not using anything imported and exotic food.

This is so correct that we should also think about whether we need to include in the diet, for example, bananas, which are undoubtedly a storehouse of vitamins, but only if you pick them and eat them right there.

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But, as you know, bananas do not grow in our country, they are picked green, which means they are unripe, covered with wax and other harmful chemical compounds for safety and long-term transportation. 

The same question arises about imported strawberries and watermelons, which have neither taste, nor smell, nor benefit.

Isn’t it better to wait until the season and eat plenty of the most delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables growing in our area?

3.Eating low-fat and low-calorie food

The food in the diet of centenarians is dominated by lean and low-calorie, which is very useful for maintaining the blood vessels in perfect condition and preventing hypertension.

The benefits of a low-calorie diet for centenarians, which have high biological activity, have long been experimentally proven by many scientists.

4.Eating less meat, more greens

The food of centenarians practically does not include first courses and rich broths, and meat in their menu is mainly boiled.

There are always a lot of different greens on the table, which helps to keep the intestinal flora in perfect condition.


Best Secrets of Long-Livers

In long-livers of Abkhazia and Azerbaijan, the intestinal microflora is generally identical in composition to the flora of healthy children, which is achieved through the regular consumption of national fermented milk products, which, as you know, are very useful for normal digestion.

5.Eating Only Fresh Products

Long-livers eat food exclusively fresh, which preserves the vitamins and nutrients of food to the maximum.

Naturally, they reject canned food and other harmful foods. No fast food, no reheating, and no fridge of yesterday.

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By the way, according to some studies, such an irreplaceable thing in the modern kitchen as a microwave oven destroys vitamins, microelements and nutrients in products that have undergone microwave processing.

Therefore, if possible, one should take the example of long-livers – boil the porridge and eat it right there, and not reheat a three-day soup in the microwave, in which there is nothing useful left.

6.Avoiding sugar and preservatives

An important secret of long-livers also consists in the absence of pure sugar in their diet, as well as various jams, candies and other modern sweets that can provoke the development of diabetes mellitus.

Long-livers get sugar in the form of glucose, which is necessary for quick replenishment of energy deficit in the body by eating honey, raisins and various sweet fruits. Fruits and vegetables make up the majority of all centenarians’ food.

Final Important Conclusion about Best Secrets of Long-Livers

Best Secrets of Long-Livers

– Food is extremely low in calories,

– With a minimum amount of fats and animal proteins,

-With a large amount of vegetables and fruits in the daily diet.

Having started to eat right, as long-livers of the whole world do, we will stop getting fat, get sick, we will be in great shape and, accordingly, we will live longer.This is a very simple answer =)