Extraordinary Сheese Diet. What is this? All Pros and Cons

Сheese Diet. What is this?

Сheese Diet. What is this?

One of the foods that have a lot of complete protein is cheese, but cheese protein belongs to a special type – it is protein from animal milk, which was originally intended for feeding the young, which means that it is more easily absorbed than the usual meat protein.

Protein is an indispensable element in nutrition; without it, the body is hungry and sick. It is on protein that is paid the most attention in various diets, protein diets are considered the most gentle, although inferior.

Main Information about Cheese 

Сheese Diet. What is this?

Cheese is a protein-fat concentrate of milk, which means that it also contains vitamins and minerals. Cheese contains a lot of fat-soluble vitamins A and D, cheeses are rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is important for the bone and circulatory systems, cheese contains special substances that stimulate the production of endorphins and give rest to the nervous system.

There are many options for a cheese diet; none can be called ideal, since they are quite strict and restrictive. However, due to the reduction in calories, but protein supplements, they are transferred relatively easily – the main thing is not to overdo it and not stick to them for a long time.

Cheese is traditionally made from cow’s milk, although there are also goat cheeses, buffalo cheese, mare cheese, or soy cheese, from plant-based milk. In addition, lactose-free cheeses are used for people with impaired milk sugar digestion.

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Various ingredients are added to the cheese – salt, spices, mold for sourdough and pungency, the cheeses are melted and soaked in special sauces. All this is done for the purpose of a variety of tastes. Cheeses are different in the level of fat content and hardness, this is important for compiling a diet – it mainly requires low-fat types of cheeses, no higher than 10-15% fat, no spices and unsalted. Also give preference to hard cheeses.

All Pros and Cons of Cheese Diet?

All kinds of cheese diets are divided into two groups – unloading and low-calorie. The essence of the first is a shake-up of the body due to a sharp restriction of nutrients and protein load for one or two days in combination with wine.

In the second diet, the intake of carbohydrates into the body is limited, they are replaced with fats and proteins from cheese, as well as additional foods are added to the diet. Due to this, it stimulates the breakdown of its own carbohydrate and fat reserves.

Сheese Diet. What is this?

Both diet options are strict and should be practiced no more than once every six months – the body is experiencing too much stress.

Contraindications Of Cheese Diet

A fasting diet with cheese and even more alcohol is strictly prohibited for people with diseases of the nervous system, kidneys and liver, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people taking medications.

The rest of those wishing to use the cheese diet should consult a doctor and assess their health. Remember that you should not unload for more than two days (with a cheese-wine version) and sit on a cheese diet for more than ten days in a row. In addition, a course of multivitamins is required before starting, during and after the diet, since adherence to the diet limits the body in vitamins.

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Сheese Diet. What is this?

The most famous cheese diet is known as a ten-day diet promises to lose 10 kilograms, hence its name – you do not need to buy ten varieties of cheese for the diet. According to its creators, it is well tolerated diet: despite all its severity, there is no feeling of hunger and a painful desire to empty the refrigerator.

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