5 Side Effects of Fad Diets

Side Effects of Fad Diets

Side Effects of Fad Diets You Should Know

Do you know the side effects of fad diets? Fad diets are diets that promise quick weight loss. Many people find fad diets attractive because of these quick promises.

You can avoid the side effects of fad diets if you can eat healthily and change your lifestyle. While some people struggle to lose weight, they end up with these fad diets.

Side Effects of Fad Diets

 But asides from the fact that they can make you lose weight, there are some adverse effects related to this diet.

 Many people may not be concerned about the side effects of fad diets because they just want to lose weight as fast as possible.

Side Effects of Fad Diets to Know

 Here are some of these effects to make you think twice before considering a fad diet:

Loss of Stamina

 Fad diets limit the number of calories in a person’s body, as it does not contain any. 

However, these calories play an important role in the body system by providing energy for daily activities.

 By eating fad diets, you are depriving yourself of the adequate amount of calories that your body needs, and this in turn causes fatigue or tiredness.

This is among the side effects of fad diets. 

However, it is best to reduce the number of meals you consume in a day as it will provide the necessary amount of energy the body requires and fasten metabolism.

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Digestive Problems

Digestive problems like severe diarrhea accompanied by constipation are side effects of fad diets. 

Having diarrhea for a long period causes a lot of water weight will be eliminated from the body system.

This leads to dehydration and over a longer duration, it can pose a threat to one’s life.

 Nutritionists always recommend diets that contain a sufficient amount of fiber in them to avoid any problems related to one’s digestive system.

Side Effects of Fad Diets


Because of eating fad diets, the body is limited from nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats, which is very unhealthy for the body.

 Not only does it deprive the body of carbs and fats, but it also prevents the consumption of minerals and vitamins required by the body. 

If this lingers on for an extended period, your body will be left malnourished as it is no longer allowed its normal intake of calories to carry out daily activities.

The side effects of fad diets are not something you want to experience.

Quick Weight Gain

Because of nutritional imbalance caused by the intake of fad diets, muscle mass is generally lost. Hence, more fat is deposited in the body as a response to this loss. 

Regular weight fluctuations also known as yo-yo weight changes are among the side effects of fad diets and this will eventually lead to serious problems in the nearest future. 


Dehydration is among the side effects of fad diets.

When you lose weight quickly, it is mostly given off in form of water like sweating profusely. If too much of this water is lost, the body is left dehydrated. 

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The process of burning calories takes place in stages. 

We have health-related problems that can arise if you pressure your body into losing weight quickly. 

You must make sure you keep your body hydrated all the time. Drink water regularly and continue your workout routines for efficient weight loss

Summary of Side Effects of Fad Diets

Your fitness journey will be a difficult one. The results may not be as visible as you imagined they would be and sometimes you may doubt the worth of it all.

 However, consistency and patience is a key factor in achieving your goals. Make sure you follow your daily workout schedule and remain hydrated at all times. 

Remember that your health is number one above all things so stay away from foods that do not have the right amount of nutrients required by your body.

 Also, it is vital to carry out exercises that are convenient and less hectic for you. This will prevent the side effects of fad diets.

 Ensure you try your possible best to eliminate more amounts of calories than what you consume but do not be hard on yourself. 

Weight loss should not be a do or die affair but a means of becoming better. 

To create the perfect workout routine, you must understand your body, its requirements, and setbacks.

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