An exercise a day keeps a doctor away

Nowadays, during a  pandemic situation in the world, people started to spend much time close to computers in seatedcomputer position positions. It can be connected to business purposes or studies or just leisure time spending.

The back, muscles,  our neck, eyes and all inner organs are suffering a lot from the gotten stress of a seated position. Some of us have all modern devices that are sending the notification to move our overstayed bodies a while. But some of us can stay in that suffering position for several hours without any attention and after can feel so broken.
Not many of us know that a prolonged sitting slows down the metabolism and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteochondrosis, thrombosis, lymphocytosis, prostatitis.

How much are you willing to pay for your health?

Good question, isn’t it?

That’s why it is a must to make a simple physical therapy during your intensive working routine.
Here is the list of some simple home exercises what will make you a little bit healthier. Do them in your breaks.

1. Head side turns

Turn your head to the right so that the chin is on the shoulder line.  Lock and then move the other way. Do it 10 times more or less.

2. Elbows exercise

Arrange your elbows to the sides, put your palms on your shoulders.  Rotate your hands, trying to increase the amplitude.

3. Baby position

Get on all fours, connect the feet, and then lower the pelvis onto the heels.  Lean forward, straighten your back and stretch straight arms in front of you, touch your forehead to the floor and completely relax in this position.

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4.Simple squatting

Do several squats.

5. Wrist exercises

Try to find  2 balls for the hands or buy a  hand expander.  Sort the balls or squeeze the expander during the working day.  This exercise will help to avoid joint inflammation.

Don’t forget about your eyes ?

6.Improve your vision

Try to find the farthest point from your window and concentrate your eyes on it for several seconds. Then look at the nearest thing for several seconds and then look at the farther point again.  Repeat it for 3 minutes.

So how do you feel currently?

Do you remember this proverb:
“An apple a day keeps a doctor away!”

In our case, an exercise a day keeps a doctor away!

Be healthy every day 🙂