Burn Fat Fast Workout


Are you dreaming about burning fat fast and easy?Are you afraid to get out and catch a  dangerous coronavirus and many gyms are still closed?What should you do? I know the way…

You can do gymnastics regularly at home and get a dream shape easy. You don’t need to buy special equipment, just your body weight is enough.

burn fat fast workout

The following exercises are  suitable for both: a beginner and a trained athlete. A large number of joints muscles are involved in the exercises, so more calories will be burned. You just need to listen to your body and feelings and don’t forget to drink water during a training process. To get a great result complete these exercises 4 times a week.

You also need a motivation. Here is a tip: Track the  progress by measuring the volumes in the waist, chest and hips after every  training. The numbers on the scales may not changed  but visually progress will be noticeable after several trainings.

burn fat fast workout

Of course it can be a quite challenging but please don’t be lazy!

So lets gets started!

1.Warm up your body. Cardio warming up.

burn fat fast workout

Every training starts from cardio warming up exercises.  What is that?  It is raising body temperature and increasing blood flow to all muscles. It also allows to conduct a workout more efficiently, to avoid injuries and sprains.

First of all, you need to restore breathing, take a deep breath and exhale.

Secondly, concentrate on your body.

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Now let’s start with joint gymnastics:  start with slowly rotation with hands, arms, shoulders, head and knees. After joint gymnastics, there is a stage for the dynamic stretching of different group of muscles. Now it is time for jump rope exercises and knee-high walking. Make it for 20 seconds.

burn fat fast workout

 Remember to restore breathing again after performing cardio exercises, taking a deep breathe and exhale.

2. Squats

burn fat fast workout

This exercise makes to increase muscle tone and leads to burn fat fast.

Put legs and shoulder width apart, socks are bent to different sides, keep heels on the floor. Keep your back straight and look in front of you without turning to different sides. Begin the exercise slowly, stay for 5 seconds at the lower point, and also slowly rise to the starting position. Make squats for 25 times.

 Complete the exercises actively and a lot of calories will be lost. Calorie consumption slows down and exercise efficiency decreases if you over make the exercises.

3.Bar with turns


burn fat fast workout

Now your body is hot enough to make this exercise. This exercise is extremely useful not only for the burn fat fast on belly but also helps to make the back, hips and legs stronger.

Find a correct position: both socks and elbows must be in contact with the floor. The body should strait be as possible. In this position, you need to hold out for about 30 seconds.


burn fat fast workout

The most popular exercise if you want to get a thin waist. It differs not only by its excellent result, but also by its easy implementation. Lie on your back, bend your legs, and put your feet flat on the floor. Hands should be placed under the head, folding them in a lock. Take a deep breath, slowly lifting the upper body. The closer the head is to the waist, the more efficient the complex. On exhalation, return to the starting position.

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5.Rock climber

burn fat fast workout

Rock climber starts the process of burning fat in all your body.

 Accept the emphasis on the floor on outstretched arms and socks. The knee of one leg should be pulled to the chest. Return the leg to its original position, and perform a movement for the other leg. If you are a beginner, you can perform the complex on the elbows, gradually increasing the load.

6. Leg lifts

burn fat fast workout

It is Simple movement to perform at home. Lie on your back straight and put your hands along the body. Slowly raise one leg to a height of 50-60 degrees. In this position, you should hold your foot for a few seconds. Then change the legs. It is necessary to complete the complex 10-15 times for each leg. You can raise your legs at the same time.

7.Lunges forward 

burn fat fast workout

Effective exercise for weight loss legs. During squats, it is important that the thigh that comes forward is parallel to the floor and a right angle forms in the knees.

Finish the workout with cardio exercises what you already know.

Now  you can Track progress by measuring the volumes in the waist, chest and hips! Don’t forget to complete this workout in 2 days again! 

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