Everything about Cellulite.TOP 3 Clear Explanation what helps

Everything about Cellulite.TOP Explanation

Glossy magazines and social media dictate us the rules in the modern world. Beauty is no longer what the parents gave us, but the result of painstaking daily work on yourself.Looking at the ideal images that look at us from covers and TV, you involuntarily begin to think about the imperfection of your appearance and the problems that are often invented or exaggerated.

Everything about Cellulite.TOP Clear Explanation

In particular, we are talking about the main fear of all women – cellulite. In this article, we will discuss the cellulite myths and cellulite worries of every modern woman.

Main Info about Cellulite

1.Initially, Cellulite is not “ears” on the thighs and loose skin on the legs, but it is inflammation.
2.If the skin changes and cellulite appears once, it will stay with you forever.
3.Anti-cellulite creams and massages do not work, but there is a way out. 

So let’s start…

In the question of cellulite, it should be remembered that the very name of the problem is a substitution of concepts. Cellulite is an inflammation of fatty tissue. And “cellulite” is most often referred to as gynoid lipodystrophy – loose deformed skin in the thighs, buttocks, which occurs in more than 80% of women.

But the problem of “cellulite” is not only a problem of aesthetics and beauty. This is a consequence of micro circulation disorder (a term that combines blood and lymph drainage in the body), which often leads to even more serious health problems.

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The reasons for the appearance of cellulite:
There are three main reasons for this problem:

  • Exposure to stress hormones
  • Improper nutrition
  • A sedentary lifestyle and the presence of bad habits
  • Everything about Cellulite.TOP Clear Explanation

The photo above shows the difference in skin with “cellulite” and without. The main reason for the appearance of “cellulite” is a violation of the blood supply, its slowing down, due to which the cells of the body do not receive enough oxygen and the nutrients.

In the place where the cells starve, they accumulate fat, along with toxins and harmful substances, which in turn are also not excreted due to the slowed down blood supply.

The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of harmful substances and their neutralization. With a slowdown in blood flow and the appearance of edema in the intercellular space, a vicious circle is formed with the appearance of even greater edema, which ultimately slows down even more circulation through the blood and lymphatic vessels.

All Stages of cellulite

Everything about Cellulite.TOP Explanation

In the photo you can clearly see the stages of cellulite that almost every woman faces.

Logically, the question arises of what to do if cellulite has already appeared. First, take a deep breath and forget about ads and promotions:

1.Anti-cellulite creams have a short-term effect: they cause interstitial edema, that is, they mask externally, and exacerbate the problem internally, in fact, the tubercles are leveled out only for a short period.

2.Massages that leave bruises are not the most beneficial procedure. The fact is that traumatic massage breaks the micro circulation system (bruises speak about this – a bruise, this is blood spilled from ruptured vessels). You also have torn vessels and a pool of cells of the immune system and fibroblasts is formed around the outflowing blood, which tend to restrict the flow of blood, forming a scar.

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Everything about Cellulite.TOP Clear Explanation

3.Preparations in the form of tablets. Preparations – reduce edema, but do not act on already formed scars and collagen blocks. Therefore, there is practically no point in accepting them.

What helps with cellulite?

The most effective methods are:

1.Lymphatic drainage massage without bruises: the outflow of lymph improves, and with it the accumulated muck.
2.Cavitation is a procedure when the problem area is affected by ultrasound, but the effect of such a procedure is very short-lived.

3.Constant movement + proper nutrition based on proteins and vegetables. This tandem must be made a way of life forever, otherwise the effect of other methods will be very short-lived.

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