Stretching Your Muscles After Exercises.4 Main Muscles

Stretching Your Muscles After Exercise

Stretching Your Muscles After Exercises

Why Do we have to stretch your muscles after exercise?

Why stretch AFTER your workout and NOT BEFORE strength training? Why is stretching necessary for athletes?

Stretching the muscles after training is of great importance for those who are not involved in professional sports. Fitness club trainers convince their clients that stretching is youth, health and, of course, good mood. Many people doubt its necessity precisely because they do not consider stretching important in everyday life. But, like a regular set of exercises, stretching helps to solve several problems at once.

Just remember yourself how you want to warm up after a long day at work, if you sit in an office chair.

Of course, first of all, a person stretches. And this is also a stretch for stagnant muscles.

Stretching Your Muscles After Exercise

The benefits of stretching are great.

Stretching after strength training is an important part of an effective workout that has many benefits. It allows you to increase your result by 10%. And that’s a lot.

Just Imagine 2 athletes who work out the same way, but one does a post-workout hip and calf stretch and the other does not. As a result, one reaches the finish line 2 seconds earlier than the second! That 10% difference can make a person a champion.

Let me give you a little secret – too many athletes neglect stretching. If you do them, then, by training like them, you will win in all competitions.

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The physics is simple: when you do physical exercise, the muscles contract. And after training, the muscles remain compressed for a while. The subsequent restoration of muscle length is called rest. Until the muscle regains its length, it has not rested! Therefore, those who do not stretch their muscles delay the recovery process by themselves and inhibit the growth of results.

What happens if I neglet stetching?

Stretching prevents muscle stiffness. What happens if an athlete trains from year to year, but neglects stretching?

Over the years, the muscles of the intensive trainings remember their shortened length, get used to it. But the fact is that muscle contraction and relaxation are two sides of the same coin. As far as the muscle can be stretched, so much it can then contract. So if a muscle has forgotten how to lengthen, it will contract worse. And this is already stagnation of power results.

Therefore, after hard training, it is imperative to stretch the muscles. After squats / running, you need to stretch the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, after push-ups – the muscles of the chest and shoulders, after the “plank” – a group of muscles.

Stretching minimizes muscle soreness that can occur after exercise!

Which muscles should be stretched?

P.S Having taken the desired position, you must wait until the tension in the muscles disappears. Don’t stretch too hard – soreness should be avoided. The pleasant sensations of stretching indicate that everything was done correctly.

1.Stretching the thigh muscles after squatting / running

растяжка мышц после тренировки

Standing on the floor, place your weight on your left knee and extend your right leg forward. Bend it at the knee and pull the toe out in front of you. Now lay your chest on your right knee and slide your left knee back.

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Try to move your left thigh forward and downward. Raise your left foot and reach it with your right hand. Grab it and hold it for a count of sixty. You will truly feel the stretch in the quadriceps, and this stretch will open up your hips as well…

2.Stretching the pectoral muscles after push-ups

растяжка мышц после тренировки

Stand near the doorframe, step back half a step. Raise your arms to chest level, rest your elbows on the jambs and fall through the doorway with your chest. The moment you feel that your chest muscles are stretched as much as possible, freeze and count to 30.

3.Low back stretch


Lie on your back, throw your legs behind your head and rest your palms on the pelvic bones for stability. Feel the muscles in your lower back stretch. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

4.Stretching the calf muscles

растяжка мышц после тренировки

Stretching the calf muscles is very simple – step with your toe on an elevation and slide the heel down.



Stretching Your Muscles After Exercise

The biceps should be stretched near the wall or doorframe – put your hand on the jamb from the side of the thumb and stretch the biceps.


растяжка мышц после тренировки

The triceps are also stretched against the wall. To do this, you need to raise your hand and rest your elbow on the wall. Sliding down a little, you need to stretch your triceps and freeze in this position.

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