TOP 5 Products that kill Our Health

5 Products that kill Our Health

TOP 5 Products that kill Our Health…

The list of products that kill our health was compiled by American scientists who had been doing their research for several years.

 5 Products that kill Our Health

The harm of products that hit the top 5 of the list was determined from their ability to cause quite serious diseases. These products are often the cause of severe poisoning and allergic reactions. But remember,it all depends on the dosage of the products used.

However, it is not necessary to completely abandon these products- you can just limit it a little.

The list of “killer products”:

1.Sausage and smoked meats

 5 Products that kill Our Health

We buy these products almost every day. But it also contains a huge amount of flavors and dyes. Smoked meat also contains carcinogens that are formed during processing. Most of the meat product manufacturers work with genetically modified raw materials.

For example, sausages contain 80% transgenic soybeans, and a small piece of smoked meat contains as many dangerous chemical compounds as an adult inhales in a big city during a year!


 5 Products that kill Our Health

It would seem, that what could be more useful? Seafood is rich in proteins and vitamins necessary for the body. But It turns out that fish and all sorts of delicacies and shellfish such as shrimp, mussels, squid and oysters are located in different evolutionary chains.

This means that fish “meat” is easily absorbed by the human body, and the protein of sea reptiles is a potential pathogen for humans. Shellfish meat is a powerful allergen, and even if the allergy does not manifest itself physically, these products have a depressing effect on human immunity.

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Nutritionists advise eating the proteins of sea food 1-2 times a week, not more often! The only category of people who can eat shrimp, mussels and other products of this area are those who were born by the sea and have eaten them since childhood.


 5 Products that kill Our Health

There is so much controversy about this drink! Some people argue that it is good for the general level of human health, while others recommend eliminating coffee from the diet or replacing it with chicory.

Indeed, nutritionists attribute the negative properties to this drink. But there is one big “BUT”: coffee is harmful only in large doses, when, against the background of stressful situations or a huge amount of work, a person brews an energy drink for himself every hour!

One, two or even three cups of coffee a day will not negatively affect your body!

4.Dry Breakfast

 5 Products that kill Our Health

Nowadays happy families tell us about the benefits of breakfast cereals on TV screens. But nutritionists believe that all these instant mixtures can not be useful, since they contain a large amount of starch, and they have undergone such a tough processing, after which there is no value in the products.

And the content in the body of a large amount of starch requires vigorous physical activity in order to process it, and not leave its acidic in the stomach. Such processes lead to a decrease in human immune functions.

5.RAW Eggs

Many people think that drinking raw eggs is very healthy. But this product is also in the immunity-hazardous category! If you regularly drink raw eggs, there is a risk that the intestines will stop absorbing biotin, which is responsible for the body’s enzyme systems and regulation of metabolism. Lack of biotin negatively affects your health.

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Another harmful property of raw eggs is the weakening of the energy function of the blood. This is due to the fact that the product interferes with the natural process of protein absorption.

Now you know the TOP 5 Products that kill Our Health.

Always remember, that the main rule of a healthy diet is to maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, monitor a variety of diets, do not get carried away with harmful foods and listen to your body. Your body will always give a “bell” if something is wrong! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!