Why should we eat less meat? The Truth!

Why should we eat less meat?

Why should we eat less meat? The Truth! 

Today I will answer to you WHY you have to eat less meat.

Many people can only truly get full if they eat meat. They believe that meat should be presented in every lunch and every dinner. But those people don’t understand that excessive meat cravings are not good for their health. I will not dissuade you from this, but I want to warn you: eating a lot of meat is harmful.

Why should we eat less meat?

Why should we eat less meat?

Meat is different, and eating it DAILY like a steak in a meat restaurant is too much. It’s not about the amount of protein, but about the fact that you can’t eat fried food in such quantities, with every steak you get carcinogens and trans fats. Any meat contains more or less fats, when they are heated to a temperature of 100 degrees or more, they are converted into harmful substances.

One of the reasons why we should eat less meat is purines (substances that are found in all cells of the human body).They are difficult to digest, turn into uric acid and have a bad effect on the kidneys. They are under a heavy load if a person has eaten a lot of meat.

In the medical language, this problem is called hyperglycemia. One of the most common consequences is gout. Gout is manifested by acute pain and redness of the joints. As a rule, the joint of the big toe, becomes inflamed first.This pain may disappear after a day, but over time the pain returns and spreads to other joints.The danger of gout is that the constant inflammation of the joints in combination with an increased level of uric acid affects the work of the heart. Patients with hyperglycemia can have high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and heart failure.

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Why should we eat less meat?

Meat is one of the most acidic foods, it raises the level of the acidic environment in the body, so it creates an unfavorable micro flora. If a person feels that meat is a “difficult” product for him/her, then he/she should trust their feelings and keep it to a minimum. Or cook it in one of the gentle ways to make it easier to digest.

What should I do if I already have gout?

 At least once a year, it is necessary to take a biochemical blood test. If the level of uric acid is elevated, it is necessary to adjust the diet: give up red meat, meat offal and alcohol. As well, you will need to take a course of medications to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood.

Always eat varied and balanced food, limit your intake of protein food.

How To eat Meat?

I recommend eating lightly cooked meat. This can be boiled meat, steamed, in a slow cooker, baked in foil. Fried meat should be avoided, especially in oil. If you really want to eat a lot of meat, it is better to cook it with vegetables.

When and how much meat should you eat?

Why should we eat less meat?

Meat is digested for 5-7 hours, depending on the method of its preparation. It is most rational to eat meat during the day, and eat fish in the evening if you are very hungry. Remember,that fasting days are also needed – when meat can be replaced with other protein products.

P.S If you are doing sport regularly, I do not recommend excluding meat from your diet.

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But here you need to figure out how much of it and when to eat. Quite a good option: there are 120 grams for lunch and 80 grams for dinner, but, of course, taking into account the calorie content of the rest of the menu for the day.

In general, meat is difficult to digest, and the body spends a lot of energy on this process.

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