Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

We are used to washing clothes only when there is nothing to wear, but, unfortunately, this will not work with bedding.

I give a reasoned answer on how often bed linen needs to be changed at home. In a very short time, the sheets become dirty with particles of your skin, natural fatty oils, saliva and sweat. These conditions are a haven for dust mites and allergies.

The presence of harmful insects in your linen can provoke a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and general discomfort. You will hardly want to sleep in this state. Now you know how often you need to change your bedding in order not to get sick.

Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

How often should bed linen be changed?

All Linen like sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and even pajamas should be washed at least once every two weeks, researchers say. And if you sweat a lot at night, then even every week. But there are other reasons why you need to change bedding at home more often:

  • You have allergies or asthma and are sensitive to dust.
  • You have an infection or open injury.
  • You sweat a lot.
  • You sleep with your cat or dog.
  • You love to eat in bed.
  • You sleep naked.

Dirty laundry is the growth of fungi, bacteria, pollen and animal skin particles. Of course, you don’t necessarily get sick, but in theory, dirt can cause eczema, an allergic reaction, or skin dermatitis. In addition, some infections can be transmitted through contaminated tissues.

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Changes in the skin ecosystem can cause acne and rosacea, especially if you have sensitive, atopic, and problem skin.

How to wash bed linen?

I recommend you washing sheets and other bedding in hot water, because the higher the temperature, the more bacteria and allergens you kill. But remember, before washing you need to study the instructions on the label. Iron the sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers after washing.

In addition to sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, wash pillows and blankets regularly as well. Many people think that covers protect pillows, but in reality cotton is a leaky material. So sweat, dust, and skin cells still end up on pillows and blankets. In addition, washing will help to fluff up the filling of the pillow, which will extend the life of the pillow. Refresh your bedding every 6 months.

How to chose Linen?

First of all, bed linen must be hygienic, i.e. easy to absorb and wick away moisture, easy to clean. Air permeability of products is equally important so that human skin can breathe freely. These qualities are usually possessed by natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, bamboo fiber, etc.

Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

Special attention should be paid to the strength and durability of bed linen. These indicators also depend on the selected fabric, density and quality of its weaving. Bed linen should withstand washing tests in a washing machine without any problems, and should not shrink or shed. High-quality products do not rub for a long time, clues and puffs do not appear on them.

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In terms of sensation and comfort, bedding should be smooth, soft and silky. It is important that it is pleasant to the touch for you, promotes a quick fall into sleep, does not stick to the skin, does not cause discomfort and irritation.

When choosing a kit for children or allergy sufferers, you should pay special attention to the hypoallergenicity of the materials.

It is better to choose bed linen made of natural materials, primarily cotton, because:

  1. 100% cotton ensures maximum sleep comfort. Your body will breathe at night. Even if the skin sweats, the fabric will absorb excess moisture.
  2. Suitable for people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.
  3. Very durable material. Washing and ironing at high temperatures is allowed.

Cotton is the best material for sleeping. Perhaps the most popular bedding material. It is neither expensive nor durable enough. One of the main properties of cotton is its hygroscopicity. Cotton underwear is warm in winter and not hot in summer.

But cotton to cotton is different. Bed linen made of expensive high-quality cotton will last a long time, and cheap bed linen will shrink after the first wash, and the colors will fade over time.

Сan Bed Linen Be Unsafe? How Does it Affect Your Health?

Cotton bedding is different. The fabric may differ in the amount of impurities, the way the threads are woven. To buy with confidence a quality kit that will serve you for many years, be sure to read the information on the package!

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