What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You? TOP 5

What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You? TOP 5

What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You?

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A good night’s sleep is what everyone needs. It is believed that a person who does not sleep for 7-9 hours can become irritable and constantly feel tired. Since time immemorial, man has been interested in the nature of sleep. There are many different ways that people fall asleep, and according to some studies, the way people fall asleep says a lot about them.

The posture in which a person is sleeping can affect health, mood, and how well he generally feels in the morning.

What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You? TOP 5

Types of Sleeping Postures.TOP 5

1.Sleeping Posture on the side, “fetal position”.

Most of you will say that you sleep on the side. It does not matter whether a person likes to sleep more on the left or right side, the meaning does not change from this. But scientists decided to divide this pose into several more. And if you look at the subcategories, the most popular is the fetal position.

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It is not called that for nothing, since it is in this position in the uterus that the fetus is located. And it turns out that only in this position we can say that such a person at first makes a difficult contact, but as soon as he gets to know someone better, he/she relaxes.

Also, researchers claim that such people are very sincere. If this is true, then most people on the planet are just trying to get to know everyone else better and cannot relax until they do it.

Another sleep study reportedly found that people sleeping on their side are very restless. They worry too much during the day, and when it comes to sleep, they still continue to worry about what happened while they were awake.

2.Sleeping Posture on the side with outstretched arms, or “wanted pose”.

What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You? TOP 5

Those who sleep on their sides, arms outstretched, achieve a lot. The study of this pose led to the conclusion that people sleeping in this position are looking for something that they crave during their waking hours.

People sleeping in this position are very open in communication, but, at the same time, are rather suspicious.

The problem with sleeping on your side (especially for women) is that this position contributes to the appearance of wrinkles on the face and leads to sagging breasts faster. This is because the chest is pressed down by the weight of the body, which causes premature “sagging“.

3.Sleeping Posture on the back , or “starfish”.

According to many studies, sleeping on your back with your arms and legs spread wide is the healthiest sleeping position. In this position, you will not develop wrinkles, because your face will not be “crushed” into the pillow. It also improves blood circulation in the arms and legs until you place your arms above your head.

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Few people sleep in this position, because it takes time to get used to it, and a lot of space is required to sleep in this position. It is believed that most people who are severely emaciated fall asleep on their back and remain in this position.

4.Sleeping Posture “Pillow Hugger”

What does Your Sleeping Posture Tell About You? TOP 5

This pose includes many different variations, but the person sleeping in it always hugs his soft headrest as if his life depended on it. Such people put the interests of others above their own and really want to please everyone.

You may not be liked by everyone, but people like that really try. They try to help others in any way, sometimes on the verge of absurdity. Sometimes such people find themselves outside the society, because they try hard for others … According to the study, anyway.

5.Sleep on the belly, or “free fall pose”.

 There is a big percentage between People who sleep on their bellies with their heads turned on their side sleep in “free fall”.

Most people sleeping in this position are free-thinkers and do not suffer from prejudice. This is not the best way to sleep, as the head is “pushed” into the pillow and this is bad for the neck.

Such people are said to be “free-spirited” and can be overly honest at times, even though they themselves may have problems with criticism.

They may remain silent about it, or even behave as if nothing had happened, but deep down, the words that people can say to a sleeping person in this position can cause him serious harm.

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