Pimple and Diets? All Honest Answers!

Pimple and Diets? All Honest Answers

Pimple and Diets?All Honest Answers!

Hunger strikes, three-day diets, exhausting workouts that are swarming with the Internet, only aggravate the condition of the body – the skin becomes problematic, nails and hair become weakened, hormonal imbalance is noticeable. 

Pimple and Diets? All Honest Answers

Pimple or Acne is a serious aesthetic defect that is almost impossible to hide with cosmetics. Numerous creams, ointments and lotions do not allow you to cope with the problem, since they act extremely superficially. According to most doctors, acne treatment should be comprehensive and aimed, first of all, at normalizing hormonal levels and metabolic processes in the body. Dieting does not completely solve the problem of acne, but it significantly speeds up the treatment.

What are the basic products for preventing pimples?

The basis of the diet for acne should be the following food:

  • Probiotics. One of the most common causes of acne is intestinal dysbiosis. Probiotic-rich foods help restore normal microflora. These include natural yogurt, sauerkraut, kvass, apple cider vinegar, pickled cucumbers, and some types of cheese.
  • Seafood. Fish and seafood are rich in healthy Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. These components cleanse the vascular walls from cholesterol plaques, improve blood circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The combination of these effects reduces the intensity of rashes.
  • Vegetables. Green vegetables and herbs are rich in provitamin – beta-carotene. This substance reduces the oiliness of the skin, has an antioxidant effect, and reduces the intensity of inflammation.
  • Products containing Zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral that suppresses the formation of sebum. Eating foods rich in zinc can help reduce the appearance of acne. These include liver, tongue, heart, and other organ meats. Pine nuts, watermelon and pumpkin seeds also help fill the zinc deficiency. Green tea. This drink is rich in antioxidants and has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the body.
  • Green tea. This drink is rich in antioxidants and has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the body. Nutrition for acne should be varied and balanced. It helps to normalize the digestive system and speeds up metabolism.
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Nutrition for acne should be varied and balanced. It helps to normalize the digestive system and speeds up metabolism.

Dangerous Products what cause Pimple?

There are foods that increase the severity of acne breakouts. It is better to completely abandon them. This group includes:

Pimple and Diets? All Honest Answers

  • Foods containing simple carbohydrates – white bread, baked goods, sugar, sugary carbonated drinks. A high intake of glucose increases insulin synthesis. This hormone, in turn, stimulates the production of testosterone, which provokes acne breakouts.
  • Dairy products – milk, cheese, cottage cheese, kefir. Due to the content of animal growth hormone, frequent consumption of these ingredients has a negative effect on hormonal levels. Trans fats – fast food, mayonnaise, butter, crackers.
  • Trans fats are able to alter the composition of sebum, contributing to its accumulation in tissues.

How to take care of a problem skin? All Stages!

Home treatments are not the key to healthy skin. It is just a good helper in acne treatment. To completely get rid of acne problems, you need to find the cause.

1.Purification. Every morning and evening, cleanse your face of dust, excess sebum and makeup with a cleanser, and then wipe it with acne lotion.
2.Steaming. Within a month, develope a habit of steaming the face with chamomile. The process is simple: add a collection of herbs with chamomile or calendula to boiling water, let it brew and cool a little. Then cover the head with a towel and breathe in the herbal steam for 10 minutes.

Pimple and Diets? All Honest Answers

3.Scrubbing. In order not to harm the already irritated skin, apply a special scrub from the smallest particles with light massage movements.
4.Mechanical cleaning. With acne, cleaning with your hands at home is prohibited – you can damage the skin, after which scars will remain on the face. Therefore, go to a beautician who prescribed carboxytherapy and light peeling.
5.Treatment. In the beauty parlor, treatment after the procedures is carried out with a special agent that narrows the pores and soothes the skin. At home, it can be simple hydrogen peroxide.

6.Mask. The final stage of facial cleansing at home is a mask that finally soothes the skin after all the manipulations. To choose the right product correctly, you need to contact a beautician.

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