7 Diseases That Do Not Let You Lose Weight…

7 Diseases that Do Not Let You To lose weight..

 7 Diseases that Do Not Let You To Lose Weight…

Very often people follow a diet, do sport but their weight does not change in any way. In this case, you must consult a doctor. Perhaps some diseases are preventing you from losing weight. The examination will help to identify the reason why the excess weight is kept despite the painstaking effort…

What diseases can interfere with the process of losing weight?

1. Hypothyroidism

It is distinguished by an insufficient function of the thyroid gland, with it synthesized few hormones responsible for metabolic processes. This leads to insufficient energy production by the cells. In practice, this means that the energy obtained from food is only partially processed, and part of it is stored as a store by fat cells.

 7 Diseases that Do Not Let You To lose weight..

2. Increased cortisol level

It affects the fat mass of our body, as it takes part in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Elevated cortisol is observed in people with chronic adrenal over activity. In this case, the destroyed protein is not fully utilized by the body, but is deposited as fat. 

3.Polycystic ovary syndrome

 7 Diseases that Do Not Let You To lose weight..

It is observed in about every tenth woman of the reproductive period. With this disease, an imbalance of the hormonal system is observed, as a result of which the amount of testosterone increases.This is accompanied by external manifestations – increased hair growth on the chest, face, oily skin, the appearance of acne and the disappearance of menstruation. With this disease, about half of women are obese, which occurs as a male. And this is manifested by excess fat deposition (especially in the waist and abdomen).

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4.Pituitary insufficiency

The pituitary gland produces the hormone TSH, which regulates the thyroid gland. As a result, there is the secondary hypothyroidism, in which excess weight can be observed.

Insufficiency of the pituitary gland can accompany some diseases, among which are tumors of this organ, its traumatic injuries, aneurysm of the carotid artery, inflammation in the pituitary gland against the background of infections (both bacterial and viral), etc..

5.Insulin resistance

In this condition, there is a loss of insulin sensitivity. At the same time, obesity is observed on the sides, abdomen and back. This condition increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

These are just some of the diseases that can interfere with the process of losing weight. Knowing this information, you should not try to diagnose yourself. It would be more correct to contact a specialist for a detailed examination.

 7 Diseases that Do Not Let You To lose weight..

6.Lack of sleep

American scientists, as part of a study of health problems in nurses, found that women whose nighttime sleep (this is important) lasts five hours or less, gain weight, despite a completely normal diet. The study lasted 16 years and involved 70,000 women. Prior to its completion, it was believed that sleep deprived people gain weight only because they begin to pull for sweets, but the participants who became fat during the study did not overeat.

The exact reason why lack of sleep affects us so much is still unknown. There are now two assumptions: a slowdown in metabolism as a kind of protective mechanism and a decrease in physical activity due to the need to save energy from a tired brain. Different doctors call the optimal duration of a night’s sleep 8 hours, plus or minus an hour or two.

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7.Side effect of medications

Some medications (for example, used in the treatment of the thyroid gland or epileptics), as well as oral contraceptives have side effect, give a change in metabolism, sometimes dramatic. If medicine is needed, you have to be patient…

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