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2 Effective Cleansers for Oily Skin

Glossy shine, inflammation and enlarged pores are not just problems faced by teenagers. If the skin tends to be oily, they can occur at any age.

Today,I have chosen 2 products that I successfully use for cleansing.

These cosmetic products will help improve the condition of your skin if you use them as directed and follow the basic principles of oily skin care.

Why Do you Need Regularly Cleanse Your Skin and How To Do it Right?

Cleansing is an important step in self-care that many do not pay enough attention to. And in vain, because if you learn how to properly cleanse your skin, you won’t have to hide imperfections under a thick layer of makeup.

2 Effective Cleansers for Oily Skin


Signs of Contaminated skin?

Washing with foam or gel is not enough if the skin shows signs of contamination:

  • Pallor, dullness of the face;
  • Uneven skin relief;
  • The presence of small pimples;
  • The presence of black dots;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Increased fat content.

Any skin, even ideal and not prone to oily, periodically needs to be cleansed with masks or ultrasound. There are several reasons for this

  • Unfavorable ecological situation. This is typical for large cities with the presence of a huge amount of harmful metals and toxins in the air. These substances are deposited on the body, and it is very difficult to get rid of them, resorting only to washing. Clogging of pores. Particles of decorative cosmetics may not be completely washed out of the cells, due to which the pores become polluted.
  • Clogging of pores. Particles of decorative cosmetics may not be completely washed out of the cells, due to which the pores become polluted. Stress, lack of sleep. These factors interfere with the normal “breathing” of the integument, so pimples and blackheads may appear on a face that is not prone to such imperfections.
  • Stress, lack of sleep. These factors interfere with the normal “breathing” of the integument, so pimples and blackheads may appear on a face that is not prone to such imperfections.
  • Taking medications. Some medications can cause skin imperfections as a side effect.
  • Warm season. In the summer, any skin gets oily due to warm weather, so it has to be cleaned more thoroughly.

Effective Cleansers for Oily Skin

If we talk about modern trends in skin care, then Asia is now setting fashion.

It was from there that a miracle product came to us – a powder for washing. What it is and how it works – we will tell you in more detail.

Washing with powder is a new Asian trend in facial skin care that is gradually taking over the beauty world. The face powder acts as a gentle exfoliation: it deeply but gently exfoliates the skin for a radiant and even texture, leaving it smooth and clean.

Washing with Hydrophilic oil. It is a cleanser made of oils and emulsifiers that dissolves impurities and make-up and turns into milky on contact with water.

Powder for Washing ?

What is good about powder for washing?

Powder for washing is a very fine powder, when it comes into contact with water, it turns into foam. Such a beauty product necessarily contains enzymes, and, as you might guess, exfoliating particles from natural beans and cereals.

2 Effective Cleansers for Oily Skin

Modern cleansing powders are absolutely safe, both for sensitive skin and for those who suffer from acne and allergies to certain chemical components.


First, they are free of fragrances, harmful chemicals and fatty oils. Secondly, powders from 50 to 100% (depending on the brand) consist of natural ingredients. Due to the high manufacturability of production and the correct selection of natural components, they foam well when in contact with water.

Powder with acids or enzymes is a good option for combination to oily skin: after washing, it becomes dull and smooth, and acne marks will gradually fade away from regular use.

By the way, powder does not have to be mixed with water – it can be applied by a sponge and used as a scrub. True, this option should in no case be used by owners of sensitive skin – this will lead to irritation and acne, even with the most natural and high-quality product.

How to apply?

Pour extra fine powder into your palms and add a little water: it turns into milk or foam, which you need to gently apply to your face and cleanse the skin with massage movements. As with cleansing gels, rinse off the powder with water.

If you want to enhance the exfoliating effect, do not dilute the powder with water, but immediately apply on a wet face along the massage lines with smooth movements. So the powder will work as a gentle scrub and exfoliate the skin better.

Powder for washing, of course, will be able to cope with persistent makeup, but it is better to use it not as a separate one, but as an additional means of cleansing after milk or micellar water, if necessary.

Hydrophicilic Oil for Washing?

2 Effective Cleansers for Oily Skin

What is Good About Hydrophilic Oil?

  • It is suitable for absolutely any skin – dry, oily, normal and combination;
  • Has no age restrictions;
  • Spares the lipid barrier of the skin;
  • Deeply cleanses pores;
  • Helps fight acne;
  • Perfectly removes even long-lasting make-up, high-density BB cream and make-up.

Today, hydrophilic oil is so popular that it is used not only for washing and removing make-up, but also as a shower and bath oil, as a means for intimate hygiene. Increasingly, hydrophilic is used in the formulations of hair masks and in the basis of scrubs.


It usually consists of vegetable oil and an emulsifier.

The emulsifier allows the oil to dissolve with water, which means that it is thanks to it that it becomes hydrophilic. In natural cosmetics, sucrose laurate usually acts as an emulsifier. Look for it in the composition, and not its synthetic analogue “polysorbate”.

Often, manufacturers also add essential oils, vitamin E or oil extracts to these 2 basic components.

How to apply?

It is easy to use hydrophilic oil. It is enough to apply the required amount on dry (!) Face skin with dry hands, distribute it evenly with massage movements (about 1-3 minutes) and rinse with water. While you are distributing the product and massaging your face, the oil actively works, dissolving all impurities.

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