7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays!

During the New Year holidays, almost everyone is getting fat.

Moreover, if the majority gains weight by 0.5-1 kg, some “lucky ones” can add 2.5-5 kg. A few simple tricks will help you minimize damage and keep you from getting fat on New Year Holidays.

How not to get fat on the New Year?

1. Get enough sleep

It has been proven that sleep deprivation results in an imbalance of several hormones, which are responsible for appetite and satiety, as a result of which a sleepy person overeats. So you shouldn’t read books and sit at the computer all night long – if you don’t need to go to work in the morning, this does not mean that sleep can be neglected.

2. Eat before the meal

7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

It is a bad idea to limit yourself to food all day before a feast, hoping in this way to compensate for the upcoming excesses. Being very hungry and, besides, feeling entitled to eat whatever you want, at the festive table you will not be limited to chicken breast and vegetable salad. Conclusion? Have a snack 3 hours before your holiday meal, then eat an apple and drink a glass of water right before your meal.

3.You go on a visit – ask to be a helper!

Offer to help the hostess at the kitchen and (with her consent, of course) try to lighten some of the dishes. For example, add to salads not mayonnaise, but low-fat sour cream or yogurt, not boiled sausage, but meat … Alternatively, you can cook something non-nutritious at home and bring it with you. In both cases, you will know exactly what is safe for the waist on the table.

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4. Chew gum while cooking 

7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

The logic is simple: when there is chewing gum in your mouth, you will hardly want to send there a couple of spoons of different salads, the remaining crust of a baguette or a piece of smoked sausage. But the listed “little things” in aggregate will pull about 300 kcal. If the gum makes you hungry, replace it with slices of fresh crispy vegetables: you should have peeled carrot and stalk celery sticks on hand.

5.Practice a selective approach

The festive table is dangerous for getting fat in waist for three reasons.

First, beautifully presented dishes whet the appetite more than ordinary ones.

Secondly, I want to try everything there is.

And finally, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania, a variety of food is confusing and it is more difficult for a person to imagine whether he ate a lot or a little. To solve this problem, look at the previously set table, choose a few dishes that you want the most, and do not touch others.

6.Don’t start with alcohol!

7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

Do not drink alcohol if you don’t want to get fat at all for the holidays – very few people will succeed. Yes, nutritionists do not insist on this. The main thing is to limit yourself to a small portion of alcohol after you have eaten. Alcoholic drinks are not only high in calories – they also release the brakes. Having drunk champagne on an empty stomach, you will have much less control over what and in what quantities you put on your plate.

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For Not getting fat move a lot ! Not everyone succeeds in persuading themselves to do fitness on vacation. But you can burn calories in a fun way: skating (325 kcal per hour *), skiing (413-472 kcal at low and medium speed) and even sledging – after all, you not only slide down the hill, but also climb over and over it again.

Do not underestimate ordinary walks: for an hour of brisk walking on rough terrain, and even in winter clothes, you can burn 250-400 kcal. We recommend taking your player with you for a walk. Scientists from Fairleigh Dickinson University in a recent experiment found that those who listen to music while walking, and walk more vigorously, and walk more distance, and lose weight faster than those who walk in silence.

 Now you know about all 7 Tips on How Not to Get fat on New Year holidays

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