Why Am I getting Fat in Quarantine?

Why Am I getting fat in quarantine?

Many of us had to radically change their usual way of life due to self-isolation and compulsive quarantine. When a new virus is spreading outside the window, and you are sitting within four walls every day, it is difficult to remain active, cheerful and faithful to useful habits.

But such a lazy attitude can immediately lead to Weight Gain.

Let’s understand why extra kgs appear in quarantine and, most importantly, how to prevent it.

1.Decreased activity

Why Am I getting fat in quarantine?

There is a way out: Move around the apartment more often and arrange home workouts for yourself.

Constantly staying at home leads to a decrease in activity. If earlier you could get to work on foot, take walks on the street and go to the fitness center, now these opportunities have become temporarily unavailable.

They were replaced by short routes from bed to kitchen and back. In such conditions, our body spends much less energy to maintain life and, accordingly, burns much fewer calories. But there are ways to help maintain a stable level of activity even in quarantine.

2.Overeating and improper diet

There is a way out: Give preference to full meals made from healthy foods.

In conditions of self-isolation, another dangerous factor for harmony appears – the round-the-clock availability of the refrigerator.

Working from your home, you can almost at any time reach out with your hand to the next snack, which you could do without. Moreover, it may not consist of healthy products, but of sweet desserts or salty snacks that harm the figure.

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3.Not drinking enough fluids

There is a solution: Drink clean water as soon as you feel thirsty, or set yourself reminders on your phone.

Water is the main vehicle that removes toxins and fat breakdown products from the body. If you drink a little water per day, then the metabolism in the body slows down and the arrow of the scale can creep up.

Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to thirst and quenching it in a timely manner.

4.Lack of adequate sleep

Why Am I getting fat in quarantine?

There is a way out: Stick to your sleep schedule and go to bed early to get a good night’s sleep.

It is worth weaning from the idea that lack of sleep is normal.

In fact, it leads to a lack of vitality, awakening of appetite, changes in hormonal levels, a decrease in metabolic processes, an increase in blood sugar levels and the accumulation of fluid in the body. All of these factors – together and separately – affect weight.


5.Stressful state

There is a way out: Identify the psychological cause of stress and try to get rid of it, exhale.

Stress harms us not only on a psychological level, but also on a physiological one. Any nervous situation creates an internal conflict, brings us into a state of tension and anxiety. In addition, stressful conditions can lead to hormonal imbalances.

All of these consequences often make us seize up our nerves. But it is much more correct to try to find the original cause of the anxiety and get rid of it, even if gradually and, possibly, with the help of a specialist.

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Why Am I getting fat in quarantine?

6.Hormonal changes

There is a way out: See your doctor regularly to monitor your hormonal levels.

In some cases, hormonal changes lead to a slowdown in metabolism. For example, women during menopause may gain weight and increase hip and abdominal volume due to decreased estrogen levels.

Also, girls should be more careful about the menstrual cycle. Before the critical days, weight also increases slightly due to the accumulation of fluid in the body and changes in hormone levels.

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