Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay and Get a Charming Effect?

Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay?

Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay and Get a Charming Effect ?

In the fight against obesity, we often chase after advertised new products and undeservedly forget about the old and proven method.What are them?

Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay?

Clay wraps are one of the most economical and at the same time the most effective methods of losing weight. What is important, you can do wraps not only in the salon, but also at home. How to do them? Read this article!

What should I know about Clay Wraps?

 It is not recommended to wrap less than 2 hours after eating. Any types of wraps are contraindicated for gynecological and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pregnancy, for all types of tumors, and for varicose veins, only cold wrapping is allowed.

The duration of the wrap is 30-50 minutes. Those who do preventive body wraps can afford to relax on the couch or even take a nap during this time.

Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay?

But if your goal is to fight off extra kg, be sure to use this time to exercise. Exercising during the wrap is three times more effective than without it. Believe me, you will not regret the effort spent when you see the result soon.

Wraps should be carried out no more than three times a week. The duration of the course depends on the desired result, the amount of excess weight, age and other factors. It is approximately 10-25 procedures. When combining wraps with physical activity, after a couple of weeks you are guaranteed a visible result in the fight against excess weight. The effect of clay on the skin is noticeable almost immediately: it becomes velvety and elastic…

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For wrapping you will need:

  • Body scrub; blue clay;
  • Container for diluting clay;
  • Polyethylene film;
  • Warm clothes.

Treat wrapping as one of the most enjoyable self-care treatments. When you gain experience and, by your example, make sure how effective this procedure is, it will not be difficult. Let no one bother you for the next hour.

The Types of Wraps

The therapeutic effect of clay on the body depends on its type. For weight loss, yellow, blue, white, black clay is usually used. The darker the appearance of the clay, the better it absorbs fat and has a greater effect on acne.

However, there are limitations: if you have pink acne and inflamed pores on your skin, then it is contraindicated to use products that contain clay until the signs of inflammation disappear.

It is best to use blue clay for wrapping. First of all, it is environmentally friendly and there are practically no contraindications to it.

It contains the largest amount of minerals and trace elements useful for humans (phosphate, iron, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, radium), opens the pores of the skin, has an anti-inflammatory and deep cleansing effect.

Ultimately, all this removes metabolic products and toxins from our body, has a beneficial effect on perspiration, the work of internal organs and metabolism, and the firmness and elasticity of the skin increases. Excess fluid is also excreted, which primarily contributes to weight loss.

The stages of Clay Wrapping?

6 stages of wrapping include:

Clay Wraps, or How to Lose Weight With Clay?

1. Scrub. Before the procedure, it is recommended to cleanse the skin with a body scrub. The clay will penetrate better into the pores of the skin, and the whole procedure will be more effective. Apply the scrub with massage movements, rubbing well, and then rinse with warm water.

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2.Clay preparation. Dilute blue clay 1: 1 with warm water. You should get a kind of “sour cream”, not solid and not liquid. Remember, the clay shouldn’t run off your skin. Do not use an iron bowl or stirring spoon.

3. Application of clay. Massage the clay onto your problem areas (for example, thighs, abdomen, etc.). For even application, it is advisable to slightly moisten your hands.

4. Film. Wrap the indicated areas with plastic wrap. This must be done tightly enough, in 2-3 layers, because after 10-15 minutes, the clay on you will become more liquid and the film will slide off the body. 

5. Warmth. The procedure will be more effective if the body is kept warm. Wear warm, comfortable clothing on top.

6. Shower. At the end of the procedure, the clay should be thoroughly washed off with lukewarm water in the shower.

So, Such a procedure can be easily carried out at home, and the result from clay compresses exceeds all expectations. If, of course, the procedures are carried out cyclically and in combination with any means of correcting the figure =) Be fit,stay with us! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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