How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

how body massage helps in weight loss

How body massage helps in weight loss…

What is a weight loss massage?

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPESs

This is a procedure that is pleasant and useful, it relaxes, heals, and helps to lose weight.

There are many kinds of massages, and each of the methods below has its characteristics, pluses and minuses, indications, contraindications and limitations.

Is that allowed to do a massage?

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

It is strictly forbidden to do a massage for weight loss to a pregnant women from the earliest possible dates. In addition to this group, massage for weight loss is contraindicated for patients with high blood pressure and cerebrovascular accident, with tumor processes, with the development of acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Where to do massages?

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

If there is no possibility to attend professional massage sessions, you can independently massage the problematic areas by yourself, using various techniques and types of massage movements for this.

You will need oil massage or light cream, towels, and a bath (shower), and depending on the type of the special massages, some other devices or components.

Let’s discuss How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss! 

There are four large directions in a massage:

  • Hardware types of massage
  • Manual types
  • Foot types of massage
  • Combined techniques

Manual types of massage are very good for complex effects on your shape. Let’s discuss body manual massage and how they help in weight loss.

1.Honey massage

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

First of all, find all necessary massage elements – honey and natural essential oil.

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Honey should be liquid and natural, add some drops of essential oil in it. Warm-up two teaspoons of honey in your hands and apply this to the problematic area. Apply it starting from the bottom and go up, and massage the skin until it thickens. Then put your palm on the surface (with thickened honey) so that it sticks and sharply unstick it.

What does it make? This method creates an active massage effect which activates the metabolism.

Do this while the honey is sticking. A session takes from twenty minutes to half an hour. Then a hot bath with aroma candles will be a great ending of this massage!

2. Lymphatic drainage massage

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed along the lymphatic vessels with smooth movements of the hands in the direction from bottom to top.

What is happening? Pressure which you create gives the lymph an acceleration, due to which it nevertheless overcomes obstacles that otherwise it cannot afford in calm status.

The lymph runs on, freeing the cells from toxic rests and saturating with useful substances. Simply saying, lymphatic drainage is a powerful lever that helps restart metabolism.

The nature of this massage is gentle, and this is because its task is to gently affect the vessels that require a delicate attitude.

3.Water massage

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

This massage is carried out in the bath. If you don’t have a hydro massage nozzle, don’t worry! You can remove the nozzle from the shower or make the pressure stronger. This massage is carried out after a normal bath or hygienic shower.

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Put the jet at the problematic area and drive it intensively in a circle.

Move the shower in different directions, change the pressure and temperature – from hot to cold. The procedure lasts up to ten minutes. Finish it with a cool shower and then rub a body with a terry towel.

4.Pinch massage

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

This massage is very active and helps to fight cellulite, improves the appearance of the skin and its relief. It can be carried out in any position.

After rubbing the skin with a towel to a pink color, pick up some oil massage in your hands, apply to the affected area, and rub it.

Then, with your fingers, begin to pinch the skin, pulling it a centimeter from the surface. Do it in different directions, sensitively, but do not make any bruises and soreness. Of course, pinching is not very nice, but very effective.

5.Vacuum massage

How Body Massage Helps In Weight Loss. 5 TYPES

 This body massage helps in weight loss 100%. This process creates tension in individual parts of the body. To perform this technique you need special devices that are small silicone jars.

Apply an oil massage at the affected area. Put a little more than a thin layer. So that the silicone jars glide well. Do manual massage for 5 min, it is necessary to do so because it protects your skin from bruises. Put a few small silicone jars at the problematic area and create a small pressure.

As a result of the pressure, fat breaks down, blood circulation improves, and swelling decreases. With cellulite, vacuum massage promotes the rapid separation of the fat layer, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

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Do not forget about physical activities. The maximum effect of the massage can be achieved only when it is combined with the observance of a proper diet and regular training.

After a short period, your reflection in the mirror will become perfect! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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