How Fast Food Affects The Body. TOP Explanation!

How fast food affects the body

How fast food affects the body…

The name “fast food” comes from the fact that it can be prepared and served very quickly, not to mention the fact that it tastes delicious. Don’t be fooled by the smell and taste of this food, it does not have nutritional value at all and that it is hardly qualify as food.

How fast food affects the body

Nowadays You cannot find even a single street that does not offer us fast food in tents, kiosks and simply on the shelves. Lack of time to prepare a full meal – this is how consumers often justify their passion for fast food. 

What are the benefits and harms of fast food?

The benefits in fast food were not found, but its involvement in the development of many diseases was noticed.

In addition to the risk of poisoning from taking even a single serving, prepared in unsanitary conditions or stored for no one knows where or how long, regular consumption of “street” fast foods increases cholesterol levels, causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

How fast food affects the body

Fast food contains a large amount of fats and preservatives. What about vitamins and minerals? They are absent in “fast” food. The use of margarine for the preparation of fast food, which contains a large amount of artificial isomers of fatty acids, helps to increase the “shelf life ” of cooked dishes. At the same time, artificial trans fats cause diseases of the nervous system, coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus and infertility.

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Fast food preparation involves the use of a large amount of salt and other spices, which, in addition to extending the “shelf life” of products, hide the characteristic taste of already spoiled products.

Fast Food statistics

  • According to the statistical data, the cause of the annual deaths of almost 40 thousand Americans is the consumption of fast foods, namely the high content of salt and unnatural fats in them.
  •  McDonald’s sells an average of 75 hamburgers every second.
  • 68 Million Number of people McDonald’s feeds everyday around the world, which is more than the population of Spain.
  • 1200$ is the amount of money an average American spends on fast food annually.
  • 80% of children who say McDonald’s is their favorite place to eat.

 Your stomach and Fast Food… 

The reason for the negative impact of fast food on human health is the way this food is consumed. “Fast food” is usually taken quickly, in a hurry, on the way, in order to fit within a short lunch break. Therefore, it is very difficult for the stomach to cope with large pieces of poorly chewed food, flavored with carbonated drinks on top!

How fast food affects the body

Constant stomach malfunctions due to the use of such food lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Fast foods cause pancreatitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

To prevent food poisoning from eating a poor-quality hamburger, it is recommended to drink it with plenty of water. It will be easier for the stomach to cope with the poisoning.

Helpful tips for fast food eaters!

If you already know HOW fast food affects your body and you are still eating fast food, learn, at least, healthy tips how to eat fast food.

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If your body is already addicted to fast food, try to get rid of this addiction gradually. Start by reducing the number of days you eat junk food. If you previously could not do without a delicious hamburger even one day, now limit your body to eat fast food once every 2-3 days, gradually switching to a meal once every 7 days.

How fast food affects the body

Remember that you should not eat fast food on an empty stomach! Hot vegetable soup before eating appetizing-looking grilled chicken will have a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa and will reduce the aggressive effect of “fast” food on it.

Don’t make the unacceptable mistake of feeding your kids fast food. A strong passion for family trips to McDonald’s can cost your children disruption of the digestive tract and nervous system, a weakened immune system, and even developmental delay.

Now you know how fast food affects you body. Decide either to eat it or to stay healthy! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!