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Is it possible to eat sunflower seeds while losing weight?

Sunflower seeds are famous not only for their valuable characteristics for human health, but they also keep your hands busy and even help to stop smoking.

It is difficult to imagine a person who would not try them. Eating sunflower seeds while watching a TV show or hanging out with friends is a sweet thing.

s it possible to eat sunflower seeds while losing weight and dieting?

But what to do if we are talking about losing weight, is this product allowed or is it capable of doing harm? Let’s figure it out together, let’s study the main aspects together !

Sunflower Seeds and Weight Loss?

The basis of the raw material is linolenic acid, which is necessary for the entire circulatory system. It makes the channels dense, expands the lumens in the vessels, removes cholesterol deposits.

It is allowed to take such a product as your food also because a lot of zinc is concentrated in it. During a diet, a person’s psycho-emotional environment is disturbed. Seeds stabilize it, not allowing it to break off.

It is advisable not to fry the product, but to bake it in the oven. Thus, it will be possible to preserve all valuable substances and make the raw material similar to peanuts.

s it possible to eat sunflower seeds while losing weight and dieting?

On average, the calorie content of seeds per 100 grams. is about 600 Kcal. If you are on a diet, it is better to eat much more low-calorie foods than 100 grams seeds. In terms of nutritional value, such a portion can be compared to a full meal. Therefore, think beforehand about whether to eat them if you are overweight.

Sunflower seeds are allergenic foods. If you have a tendency to allergies, it is worth trying seeds in small quantities.

The “husking” of seeds can harm the enamel of the teeth, and the dirty shell can also contain bacteria on the surface. Therefore, it is better to buy peeled seeds, or clean them by hand. When buying a refined product, be sure to wash it.

It is the best not to give seeds to small children, as they are easy to choke on and will enter the respiratory tract.

How to choose the right seeds?

s it possible to eat sunflower seeds while losing weight and dieting?

Sunflower seeds are sold raw, fried, peeled and in various sprinkles. Raw seeds are the most useful, but keep in mind that they can whet your appetite. After buying any seeds, it is better to rinse them with water, since this product is very contaminated during production.

Pay attention to the appearance of the seeds: there should be no traces of mold, parasites, stains.

The shelf life is no more than six months, if a longer period is indicated, it is better not to purchase such a product.

Pay attention to the appearance of the seeds: there should be no traces of mold, parasites, stains.

A little bit more of Pumpkin Seeds…

Pumpkin seeds also for weight loss perform several important tasks at once.

  • Delicate cleansing. The dietary fiber and fiber they contain help the gastrointestinal tract to be cleansed naturally;
  • Improving metabolism. Fatty acids and vitamins are necessary for the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates entering the body;
  • Normalization of hormonal levels. Slimming pumpkin seeds help tune natural weight regulation, as the substances they contain are essential for the production of many hormones.

In addition, pumpkin seeds contain protein, the consumption of which is important for the muscular system. Since proteins are broken down more easily than fats, it is from them that the body gets rid of first. To lose weight precisely at the expense of excess fat, and not depletion of muscle mass, you need to eat enough protein foods. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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