Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting Fast

You can lose weight with intermittent fasting, for those who have challenges going to the gym or falling into the temptation of eating everything.

People can easily lose weight with intermittent fasting. This type of weight loss can be easily followed by those who are determined to reduce weight.

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

How to lose weight with intermittent fasting

Eat Stop Eat.

Brad Pilon, the author of the book “Eat Stop Eat”, popularized this intermittent fasting method.

 It is an atypical approach to weight loss. It involves choosing one or two non-consecutive days per week during which you fast for 24 hours.

 During the non-fasting days, it is recommended to avoid overconsumption and eat a well-balanced diet.

The Eat Stop Eat might sound impossible. The rationale behind this unconventional method is that fasting for up to 24 hours can lead to a change in your metabolic activities.

This causes your body to use fat instead of glucose as an energy source. Also, consuming fewer calories during this period will lead to weight loss.

Lose weight with intermittent fasting by avoiding food for 24 hours at a time requires a lot of determination and willpower.

However, this may lead to overconsumption and disordered eating patterns later on.

Therefore, make sure you talk to your doctor before trying this method to know if it may be an effective weight loss solution for you.

The Warrior Diet.

Ori Hofmekler created the Warrior diet fasting plan in 2001. As the name implies, it is based on the eating patterns of ancient warriors.

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It involves consuming very little food such as small amounts of dairy products, hard-boiled eggs, raw fruits, vegetables, as well as non-calorie fluids for 20 hours during the day.

You can eat as much food as you want throughout a 4-hour window at night.

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

 That is, it restricts calorie consumption to just 4 hours per day. However, unprocessed, healthy, and organic foods are recommended.

The Warrior Diet is quite extreme than the 16:8 methods, and less restrictive than the Eat Fast Eat method.

 Although more research needs to be carried out on the warrior diet intermittent fasting plan to fully understand its benefits for weight loss.

 Studies show that this time-restricted feeding cycle can prevent diabetes, delay aging, slow tumor progression, and increase lifespan in rodents.

You must talk to your doctor before opting for this weight loss fasting plan because it could lead to disordered eating patterns or over consumption of food at night.

How to Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting 

Alternate-day fasting.

If you are new to intermittent fasting, ease into the alternate-day fasting plan. On this diet, you fast every other day but can eat whatever you want on the non-fasting days.

Studies show that most participants reduced their calorie intake by about 35%.

They lost an average of 3.5kg after alternating between 36 hours of fasting and 12 hours of unlimited eating in less than five weeks.

 A random study that compared alternate day fasting to daily calorie restriction in adults with obesity also shows that these methods are highly effective for weight loss.

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While some versions of alternate-day fasting eliminate eating calories on fasting days, others embrace a modified strategy that involves eating around 500 calories on a fasting day.

Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting

If you want to maximize weight loss, combining this method with endurance exercise will help.

A full fast every other day can be extreme, especially if you are new to fasting, and overeating on non-fasting days will be very tempting.

However, whether you start with a full or modified fasting plan, you must maintain a healthy and nutritious diet containing high proteins and low calories.

As explained earlier, each of these intermittent fasting plans has its pros and cons. Therefore, It is advised you to talk to your doctor to see which option suitable for you.

Many of us want something easy to follow. However, to lose weight with intermittent fasting, you should consult with your doctor.

This advice is important for those who have underlying health issues.

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