Losing Weight as a Couple or How to Achieve Goal Together?

Losing weight as a couple or how to achieve goal together?

Losing Weight as a Couple or How to Achieve This goal Together?

How to lose weight with great pleasure? Well, of course, in good company! Nutritionists say that losing weight together is the best way to get things done. A man and a woman, or a girl and a guy who promised each other to become slimmer, in most cases embody their plans, turning the tedious exercise of “losing weight” into an exciting game with a spirit of competition.

Losing weight as a couple or how to achieve goal together?

There will be no winner in this game! Both members will become thinner, more energetic and healthier.

How to start Losing weight as a couple?


As you lose weight together, the responsibility for the result lies on both of you. Estimate how many extra kg you need to lose, and how much your partner wants to lose. Count these numbers! If 5 kg is bothering you, and your spouse wants to lose 10 kg, your common goal is to lose 15 kilograms.

Losing weight as a couple is a great idea because you support each other and do not let your partner to break down when his/her hands are lowered. And you do not need to make excuses for the pancake eaten outside the diet. To achieve this goal, weigh yourself and your partner regularly and record your body measurements.

Losing weight as a couple or how to achieve goal together?


Change the approach to food at the initial stage of losing weight as a couple, the main idea is not so much to lose weight, but not to gain even more! 

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Switch to “diet” cooking methods – avoid frying meat and deep-fried donuts and chips. Bake, boil, stew, steam or grill your favorite food.


If you and your partner cannot imagine life without sandwiches in the morning, pizza in the evening and rolls for dinner on Sunday night , so do not deprive yourself of your favorite food. Think about tasty alternatives! Choose “dietary” pizza toppings – chicken breast, tomatoes, olives, green peas and corn. Instead of a slice of white bread with sausage and mustard on top, eat grain bread with green salad and tomato slices on top. Taste vegetable rolls, or try salmon and avocado rolls. And of course, be careful with the portion size! 

Losing weight as a couple or how to achieve goal together?


It is natural that a man, as a stronger sex, needs more food. Therefore, do not equalize the portions! Where a woman needs 100 grams of chicken brisket, her partner will need at least 200 grams.The men’s portions should be slightly larger, but it does not mean that he should eat “for three persons.” If you are in doubt whether you have correctly determined the rate of a portion, ask a nutritionist, he/she will help you create an effective menu.


The pursuit of slimness will be useless if you don’t pay enough attention to self-discipline. You must promise each other that you will not be cunning and cheating and will not back down from your goal. In small steps you will move together in the right direction. 


To make “losing weight as a couple” easier, you have to separate the responsibilities! For example, you are in charge of breakfast in the morning, so wake up 20 minutes earlier to prepare it. Your man can be in charge of an evening trip to the gym, so he can pick you up from your work by car. On Saturdays, buy products for the week together. When you cook choose the simplest recipes, they often turn out to be “correct” in terms of weight loss and healthy eating.

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Losing weight as a couple or how to achieve goal together?


Do sport together! It does not mean that you have to do the same thing. If you enjoy swimming and your partner loves to work out in the gym, find a fitness center where you can do it at the same time! Obese people are often embarrassed to cross the threshold of a sports institution, believing that only “athletes” of model appearance are engaged there. Together it is much easier to do it! And supporting each other means a lot.

Now you can try the couple weight loss challenge!

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