Obese People and Scary Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Obese People and Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

 Today all virologists and nutritionists are confident that body mass indexdirectly correlates with human survival in infectious and chronic diseases, including infection with a new type of coronavirus.

The higher the index, the higher the likelihood of getting cardiovascular pathologies or type 2 diabetes. As a result, such people will be much worse tolerant of COVID-19, which is confirmed by the current statistics. Another factor that aggravates the situation of overweight people is a decrease in the depth of breathing and the volume of functioning lungs.

Body Mass Index?

Body mass index directly correlates with a person’s survival rate for various infectious and chronic diseases.

People with excess carry with them a whole bunch of pathologies and, as a result, they will be worse able to tolerate COVID-19, which is confirmed by UK Scientists.

Obese People and Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The most vulnerable are both the elderly and carriers of chronic diseases. Obese patients are more likely to belong to the second group, their life expectancy is, on average, 10–12 years less.

Who is in a group risk?

Previously,UK scientists have expanded the category of people who are most susceptible to coronavirus. The UK’s National Health Service reported that nearly two-thirds of those seriously ill with the new infection are overweight and such people are more likely to die from COVID-19. Experts from UK analyzed data from all patients admitted to intensive care units across the country in early March, and found that 63% were overweight and prone to obesity.

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Risk Groups 

1.People with heart disease have a higher risk of complications from coronavirus infection. And among them the share of overweight people is large.

2.Obese people with at least 3-4 diseases increase the risk of getting any infection ,including COVID-19. It can be assumed that a decrease in the depth of breathing and the volume of functioning lungs with a high degree of obesity also contribute to a more rapid development of the disease in the form of pneumonia.

Obese People and Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Why obese people in a risk group?

  1. Fat in the abdomen presses on the diaphragm, which reduces the volume of the lungs, and the blood carries less oxygen;
  2. Obesity increases the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, and with COVID-19 they often occur;
  3. Obesity disrupts the immune system. This is partly due to the fact that fat replaces tissue that immune cells produce;
  4. Experiments on mice have shown that with obesity, the cells of the immune system are not only smaller – they perform their functions worse. Another study found that obese people who were vaccinated against the flu were twice as likely to get it;
  5. Obesity causes chronic inflammation, with severe COVID-19 often causing severe inflammation. Perhaps these things are related;
  6. Shyness makes obese people less likely to see a doctor, which increases the risk of complications and death.

3.Moreover, people with a body mass index of more than 40 are most at risk of getting complications.

What should I do if I belong to a risk group?

Obese People and Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Doctors suggest to give up plentiful and heavy food. According to them, nutrition should be rational and balanced, and exercise should be carried out in well-ventilated areas. The minister also noted that it is worth giving up bad habits.

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Scientists and doctors strongly warn that it is dangerous to treat COVID-19 with alcohol. According to the head of the department, the use of alcohol by patients at times made it difficult to provide them with assistance, and “some simply could not be pulled out.”

As for excess weight, experts recommend controlling your diet in self-isolation and moving more in order to avoid hydrodynamic, which is fatal to all body systems.

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