Why Anxious Snoring Occurs and How to Deal With it?

Why Snoring Occurs and How to Deal With it?

Why Snoring Occurs and How to Deal With it?

Many people experience snoring problems. This feature of night breathing causes severe discomfort to others who cannot sleep or wake up due to strong annoying sounds. But doctors consider this problem as a pathology that can cause serious harm to health.

That is why the diagnosis and treatment of snoring should be carried out urgently, thanks to which it will be possible to prevent the development of dangerous complications.

Why Snoring Occurs and How to Deal With it?

The Causes of snoring?

If a person begins to snore in a dream, it means that some kind of malfunction has occurred in his body:

  • Malfunction of the endocrine system, in particular thyroid dysfunction.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Anomalies in the structure of the nasopharynx.
  • Postponed injuries.
  • Age-related changes.
  • ENT diseases.
  • Overweight.

How to solve this problem professionally?

People are unlikely to be able to get rid of snoring on their own, despite the fact that today the Internet and pharmacy chains offer various medicines and devices that improve night breathing. To get rid of this problem, you should first of all identify the cause of its occurrence, which can only be done by doctors after carrying out a wide range of diagnostic measures.

If a person snores at night, which is not accompanied by impaired respiratory functions, then he should not worry about his health. The only problem in this case may be confrontation with households and neighbors who experience severe discomfort from such a soundtrack at night.

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How to solve this problem on your own?

But even in such cases, each of us can get rid of unpleasant sounds on our own.

1.Sing before bed.

According to scientists, in some cases, snoring occurs due to the weakening of the muscle tissue of the larynx. To improve the situation, you need to sing twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed.

2.Buy a snoring pillow.

It differs from the usual one by a depression in the center. The snoring person places it on her head so that the airways remain open and do not interfere with anyone.

3.Give up harmful foods.

Salt, fried, spicy and salty, provoke excess weight. And as you know, most of the snoring people are overweight. Get rid of it and thereby make your nights and loved ones truly quiet and peaceful.

4.Do Therapeutic exercises for the muscles of the pharynx.

Diligent performance of exercises for the muscles of the pharynx can increase their tone and reduce the severity of snoring.

Exercises to train the muscles of the pharynx, jaw and tongue to reduce snoring:

1. Open your mouth and extend your tongue as much as possible, holding it in this position for a few seconds. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the tongue, repeat it up to 30 times twice a day.

2. Clamp a thin stick between your teeth and hold it for a few minutes. Doing this before bedtime exercises the muscles of the pharynx and chewing muscles, which can help reduce snoring at the start of sleep.

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3. Press on the chin with your hand and move the jaw back and forth, resisting the jaw. You should do this exercise 30 times in the morning and before bedtime. It helps to increase the pharyngeal lumen and is a good prevention of sleep apnea.

Why Snoring Occurs and How to Deal With it?

4. Open your mouth and make 10 circular movements clockwise and 10 in the opposite direction with the lower jaw.

5. Press your tongue to the palate and press firmly on it for about a minute. Take several sets at intervals of 30 seconds. Exercise helps to strengthen the palate muscles.

6.With your mouth closed, move the root of the tongue towards the throat. Breathe through your nose and take three sets with short breaks.

7. Pronounce the sounds “and”, “y” out loud up to 25 times, while tensing the muscles of the neck.

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