How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

It turns out that in order to lose weight, you need to sleep. In this article, I will tell you how to lose weight in your dreams and why it works.

During wakefulness, we put a lot of effort into losing weight: we eat right, go in for sports … But how do you need to sleep in order to lose weight in a dream too?

How Does Sleep help you to lose weight?

Most of us are convinced that to lose weight, you need to move. After all, every movement leads to the loss of calories. And during sleep, the body rests and, conversely, tends to accumulate extra grams and kilograms. Although someone jokingly may remark: “Sleeping is useful for losing weight: if you are sleeping, then you do not eat!”

Where is the correct answer hidden and is it possible to lose weight in a dream? The whole problem is that at school we were taught chemistry separately from biology. Therefore, unfortunately, we practically do not know anything about the processes taking place in our body. From this and many of our delusions.

How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

During sleep, the processes in the body really slow down, less calories are consumed. For example, on average, we spend only 420-560 calories in 7-8 hours of sleep (the same as we spend in 60 minutes of running). And for a day of wakefulness – about 1,800 calories. And this is with light activity.

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Hormones and weight loss in a dream?

But if you understand the whole system of the body, then the picture is completely different. When we sleep, our central nervous system also rests, with which the hypothalamus of the brain is inextricably linked. It is “he”who regulates the feeling of hunger and thirst. It interacts with hormones such as leptin (responsible for feeling full) and ghrelin (telling the body that we are hungry).

And here’s the secret: When we sleep less than the recommended 7-8 hours, our body produces less leptin (which makes us need more food the next day to feel full) and increases the production of ghrelin (which makes us feel more hungry and more often).

How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

The conclusion is simple: the less we sleep, the more we want to eat the next day. Track your sleep and food needs, you will see it by yourself.

But the chemistry of overnight weight loss does not end there. During sleep, all body processes slow down, but do not stop. Our body must take strength at night to maintain life.And it gets this energy in two places:

  • From a hearty dinner: part of it is absorbed, and the rest is sent to fat reserves in “problem areas”
  • Own fat stores: if we dine right, the body begins to break down its fat stores

The last process is responsible for the growth hormone, which is called the hormone of strength and harmony. The peak of its concentration in the body is during prolonged sleep. Therefore, in order to lose weight in a dream, you need to sleep at least seven hours.

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Important Rules for Weight Loss while Sleeping

1.Sleep in a cool room. At a room temperature of 18–20 ° C, the body burns much more calories to keep warm. In addition, in a cool room, we better rest, recover and temper.

How to Lose Weight in a Dream: Effective Methods

2.Do not scandal before bed. When we go to bed upset, our body is agitated and tense. Cortisol (stress hormone) levels are off the charts. Therefore, losing weight in a dream will not work. After all, it is this hormone that inhibits metabolic processes and significantly reduces the rate of calorie burning. In order for the processes of losing weight to go faster, you need to calm down and relax. 

3.Sleep for at least 7-8 hours. It is this kind of sleep that is considered healthy and guarantees relaxation of the nervous system, a high-quality process of burning fat and proper regulation of appetite the next day.
Have a Healthy sleep and effective weight loss!

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