Wrinkles After Dramatic Weight Loss. Highly Effective Get rid Methods?

Wrinkles After Dramatic Weight Loss

In pursuit of a slender body, sometimes you have to “sacrifice” the beauty, freshness and youth of the face.

After all, grueling diets leave visible marks on it, which are manifested by fatigue,wrinkles, dryness and sluggishness of the skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

In addition, a thinner face is often subjected to “attacks” of wrinkles, which primarily attack the most delicate and defenseless areas on the face.


Wrinkles After Dramatic Weight Loss

Why is this happening?

An unbalanced diet, the use of which causes a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, ultimately leads to depletion of the body, which naturally affects the appearance. It is the person who first of all falls into the risk zone.

An unbalanced diet leads to a rapid decrease in body fat reserves. And if positive changes in the “problem” areas of the body at the initial stage can please, while the consequences of extreme weight loss have not yet made themselves felt, then dubious “transformations” on the face immediately cause a feeling of anxiety.

The fact is that the skin on the face is very delicate and requires special care. In addition to cosmetic products, first of all, it must be nourished from the inside. And only a healthy balanced diet can cope with this task.

If you sharply limit the intake of nutrients into the body, the subcutaneous fat layer begins to break down, and since this layer is thin and vulnerable on the face, it dissolves in the first place.

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Wrinkles After Dramatic Weight Loss


That is why the face reacts to changes in the nutritional system faster than the body, where fat deposits have a different structure.

So it turns out that if you want to lose weight in the hips or abdomen, instead of a slender waist, you can get sunken cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes. And the weaker the muscles of the face, the more noticeable the effect of unsuccessful weight loss will be.

How to get rid of wrinkles from Dramatic Weight Loss?

To prevent skin problems while losing weight, it is necessary to use individual diet therapy based on a healthy diet, which will allow not only to correctly adjust the weight, but also to improve the well-being and appearance.

If nutrition is healthy, varied and balanced, the reaction of the skin to a decrease in body weight will also be quite adequate: The cells will begin to renew and regenerate on their own, the skin, receiving adequate nutrition from the inside, will be “saturated” with the necessary nutrients and tighten itself without additional external influences.

In order to achieve the most effective result after applying the dietary program, without creating a stressful situation for the body, you need to lose weight gradually.

Firstly, you give time to the internal systems of your body to adapt to new food rules, and Secondly, you build a reliable system of protection for your own skin, which, with a gradual change in body weight, manages to react in time and recover on its own, due to which the problem of sagging ” extra “skin does not threaten you.

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Wrinkles After Dramatic Weight Loss

Remember About the Age!

Of course, do not forget about age characteristics. Indeed, until the age of 30, the body does not experience problems with the production of collagen, respectively, at this age, the fear of wrinkles and sagging skin is unreasonable. However, over time, the skin, indeed, gradually loses its elasticity and firmness, begins to retain moisture worse, becomes drier – and then the first wrinkles appear.

Over the years, facial skin becomes more vulnerable and requires more care. That is why, in the case of a significant excess of the norm, it is recommended to radically correct body weight at a young age, when the skin can better respond to the process of losing weight.

According to cosmetologists, independent skin restoration after weight loss can occur only between young people who have barely reached the age of 30. The rest are at risk, when the problem of excess weight will need to be solved in parallel with stimulating skin tone. Therefore, the main rule of diet therapy is to lose weight gradually.


Extreme weight loss methods can undermine your health and negatively affect your appearance. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with weight: do not arrange for yourself a dangerous “swing”: losing weight – getting better – losing weight again – getting better again.

After all, you not only “shake” the metabolism, but also check the “strength” of the skin, which, then stretch, if you put on weight, then sag as a result of its decrease.

The optimal weight loss rate is no more than 1 kg per week, then the skin will “keep up” with the rate of weight loss. In order to avoid mistakes when losing weight or know how to fix them, you must help your skin to be beautiful, well-groomed and attractive for many years.

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