Popular American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport? 4 BEST Tips

American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport?

American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport?

The American Diet is one of the most popular ways to lose weight in the world. Following its principles, you can lose weight by 4.5 kg in the first month and up to 9 kg – over the next six months. At the same time, you do not need to starve yourself and exhaust yourself with hours of training at the gym. The most important thing in this diet is a balanced nutrition.

Breakfast is a must!

American scientists have studied nearly 4,000 diets. And they found out: people who eat breakfast every day lose weight more effectively.

American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport?

A healthy, nutritious breakfast includes proteins, whole grains and fruits…

These food helps to maintain optimal blood insulin levels throughout the morning and provide the body with essential nutrients. Best breakfast option: sandwich from whole grain bread with a boiled egg, low-fat milk and bananas (remember: whole grain bread is slightly darker than usual and contains bran fibers, since it is made from flour obtained by grinding the grain along with its outer shell).

Water and no soda!

Most people do not even realize how many calories they are consuming with soda!

 Soda is the most harmful drink in the world. Try an experiment: Eliminate sugary soda and alcohol from your life. Don’t drink anything other than regular spring water and mild coffee for at least two weeks and you will see how you start losing weight. Keep in mind that even regular soda can increase your body’s cravings for high-calorie foods.

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The best meat is fish!

Fish is an important component of the American diet. First of all, due to the presence in this product Omega 3…

American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport?

Why do you need Omega-3 ?Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for brain and heart health, low calorie content. It has been proven that Omega-3s reduce the risk of cancer, relieve inflammation in the body. In turn, the consumption of red and processed meat (we are talking primarily about hot dogs and sausages) increases these risks.

Also include in your daily diet foods that contain a lot of iodine – a trace element that activates metabolism (seafood, seaweed, feijoa, etc.)…

Choosing healthy food!

Whole grains are not only a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but also a source of fiber. Researchers by scientists has shown that whole grain foods are very beneficial to health.

Regular consumption of whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease, respiratory disease, and certain cancers (including colon and breast). In addition, whole grains contribute to weight loss, especially so-called abdominal fat, the accumulation of which leads to exacerbation of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

American Diet or How To Lose Weight Without Sport?

The inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet also contributes to weight loss. And, of course, fermented milk products is a source of calcium and vitamin D.

Remember, millions of people have gained weight by eating foods labeled “low fat”. To compensate for the loss of taste, sugar is often added to them, and this is fraught with extra kg…

For example, some brands of yogurt contain as much sugar as candies. Also, any diet food is highly processed. Thus, by consuming it, you receive less nutrients.

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Properly selected fats stimulate metabolic processes. Replace mayonnaise with vegetable oil, margarine with butter.
Fraught with health problems and eating in fast foods. Firstly, you don’t know how the food is prepared (for example, what oil), and, as a rule, you take more portions than you need.

Important to Know!

Excess weight is not only an unaesthetic appearance, but also many health problems. This is confirmed by research by scientists. They recently found that the life span of an obese person is 3 to 10 years shorter than that of a person of average weight. Also, over 80% of all cases of type 2 diabetes and one in every three cancer deaths are associated with being overweight. The risk of premature death increases even if the person is 10 kg overweight!

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