Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

Among the many possible problems during different weight loss diets there are popular ones with dental health, there is such an unpleasant pathology as loosening them. It is characteristic that this ailment may not have any accompanying symptoms, including pain and not cause discomfort.

At the same time, in no case should you disregard this situation, since later this can lead to the loss of healthy teeth. Timely contact with the dentist and taking the necessary medical measures allows you to keep your teeth in order and strengthen them.

Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

The only age period when loose teeth are appropriate to be considered the norm is from the age of 5. At this time, molars begin to grow in each child instead of milk ones. In all other cases, this is a signal indicating the presence of a disease, and this does not always mean diseases of the oral cavity – loosening can be an indirect symptom of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs. 

The Cases of Loose Teeth?

Immediately, I note that it is impossible to determine the causes of the problem at home – this should be done by a specialist. The same applies to attempts at self-medication, which, in the end, can lead to a worsening of the situation. Of course, special nutrition, the use of medicinal infusions and competent massage often help eliminate pathology, but even in this case, the doctor should prescribe the entire range of therapeutic actions.

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In addition to diseases associated with inflammation, trauma and infection, the occurrence of tooth mobility can be caused by a wrong chosen diet , when you don’t get the vitamins and minerals. Also by insufficient dental hygiene, impaired occlusion, side effects as a result of taking a course of certain medications. A factor of congenital hereditary diseases can also play a role. The likelihood of a recurrent inflammatory process under the established filling is not excluded as a result of poor-quality treatment or unqualified diagnostics.

If the root of the problem lies in the field of dentistry, a qualified dentist can easily determine the underlying disease. These include:

1.Periodontal disease. As a result of the inflammatory process of the tissues surrounding the bone, gum edema appears, accompanied by pain. Gradually, this leads to exposure of the roots of the teeth, and they themselves acquire mobility.

2.Periodontitis. It is also associated with inflammation of the gums, but the consequences are less severe, the pain is less pronounced or absent, and an unpleasant odor may appear.A characteristic sign of periodontitis is the localization of the focus of inflammation in the area of the dental roots, bone and nervous tissue. This threatens the emergence of complications, the consequences of which can negatively affect, including on the internal organs.

3.Cyst. It is a benign tumor located at one of the roots of the tooth. Only surgical treatment is used, since the liquid cannot independently leave the formed cavity. Delay in treatment can lead not only to tooth loss, but also to transition of infection to adjacent teeth and soft tissues.

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Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

The inflammatory process can be accompanied by a high fever. One of the most common complications of a cyst is granuloma, in which pus begins to accumulate in the tumor, and the tooth begins to actively loosen. The cause may be untreated pulpitis, deep caries or mechanical damage. The most serious complications of granulomas can be infection in the organs of the cardiovascular, genitourinary and skeletal systems of the body.

4.Flux. The disease is characterized by a purulent infectious process that affects the periosteal tissue; accompanied by severe swelling of the face on the side of the focus of the disease, pronounced pain, fever, loosening of the teeth.

Diets and Teeth Loose

It is equally important to monitor your diet – this applies not only to its regularity and quality of ingredients, but also to the necessary content of vitamins and minerals.

First of all, this concerns calcium – as it strengthens the teeth as much as possible, therefore, dairy products should be present in the diet. Fresh vegetables, berries and herbs have an excellent antibacterial and firming effect.

Why Teeth are Loose During a Diet

Lack of phosphorus and vitamin D can be easily compensated by regular consumption of fish dishes, eggs and, in moderation, nuts. Cereals, legumes and lean beef are an excellent source of B vitamins, and tomatoes contain a rare but essential vitamin K.

Finally, the most popular vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus fruits, rose hips and raspberries. But do not forget to resort to rinsing after any meal, or even better – use a brush and pasta.

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