FACE Skin Care. What Should We Know About Skin Сare Face Masks?

What Should We Know About Skin Сare Face Masks?

What should We Know About Skin Care Face Masks?

My greetings, Dear Ladies!

An unexpected date, a business dinner after work, a party after a long day at work, a long flight, swelling in the morning??? An express Skin care mask will save you in all these situations.

Today I want to cover all the topics what are connected to Skin Care Masks Face Masks…

Why do we need care Face Masks? Why types are of them? How often to make them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them and etc..

What Should We Know About Skin Сare Face Masks?

A good mask will help smooth out the problem in one application, and with a competent integrated approach, completely get rid of the problem. And sometimes you just want relaxation, tenderness and “something tasty.” Lying in a fragrant bath with candles and pleasant music with a relaxing spa mask on your face – what could be better after a hard day?

But before it is important to notice that unfortunately, there are no universal face masks =( Neither home nor industrial. 

It is very important to choose the right mask for the skin of the face that can solve your problem. If there are several complaints about the skin, choose the most important one, and after that move on to the next. This will help you avoid wasting time, money and frustration.

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So Let’s get started…

Why do we need Care Face Masks?

Face masks – a means for skin care, applying a composition of certain substances to the face in order to achieve a cosmetic or therapeutic effect.

Sheet Face Mask-In fact, it is a fabric consisting of natural fine fibers or hydro gel, impregnated with serum from natural ingredients. It is believed that sheet masks are much more effective than pasty ones, as they completely cover the face and mimic the effect of a vacuum, reducing the amount of air and preventing evaporation – thus the active ingredients work several times more active.

First of All, Masks help to improve the condition of the skin, moisturize and cleanse it, accelerate regeneration and smooth wrinkles.

Application procedures can be carried out both in a beauty salon and at home. Depending on the formulation, the mask can give both a quick, transient effect with a single use, and a gradual improvement of the skin during a long course.

Masks are available for normal, oily, dry and combination skin, depending on the skin type. By their intended purpose, face masks are divided into nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing, whitening and anti-aging.

What Should We Know About Skin Сare Face Masks?

The advantages and disadvantages of Sheet masks? 

Sheet masks provide the final dose of hydration and work as permeation enhancers for valuable substances from the products applied in front of them.

Dermatological studies show that sheet masks work two times better than active serums and four times more effective than traditional-format creams.

The secret to success with sheet masks is regularity. Once or twice a week they give me nothing (except for a short-term moisturizing “here and now”, from which nothing remains in a couple of hours). To see the effect, You need to use them daily for at least a week.

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This is because most of these masks have a cumulative effect, that is, with each new beauty dose, the skin is evened out, inflammation disappears, and the pores narrow.

Of course, frequent use of a sheet mask can also have the opposite effect. When you nourish the skin with all possible means, you over saturate it, because of this, intoxication can often occur, so a measure is needed in everything. Plus, many sheet masks do not have an exfoliating effect, so a scrub is a must…

 When talking about Sheet Masks it is difficult to recommend something that has a number of disadvantages. First, the use of cloth masks takes time. With a mask on your face, you don’t completely fall out of life. Talking, eating and drinking is difficult, but all other activities are not a problem. 

Secondly, using Sheet masks every day is not a cheap pleasure.But no need to buy the most expensive expensive ones, because as a rule the result is no different from cheap ones…

 And do NOT forget about the environment. The sheet mask is a disposable product, leaving a pile of rubbish from each, which is incompatible with environmental protection goals.

What to do to make the sheet mask as effective as possible?

You need to select such care individually. Of course, if you constantly use a moisturizing mask, then, most likely, your skin will eventually get tired and start to be capricious. Therefore, it is best to alternate between a cleansing mask and a radiance mask, followed by a moisturizing mask.

At the same time, do not forget about the exfoliate: proper cleansing and exfoliation promotes better absorption of all the components that the mask is impregnated with.

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It is important not to overexpose the mask – 20 minutes is enough. If it dries out, there is a risk of dehydration. This, incidentally, applies to clay masks, which can be used every day, but carefully. The limitation also does not apply to masks with a high content of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

What Should We Know About Skin Сare Face Masks?

If you listen to your skin, then this skincare system is perfect for you. Of course, you have to spend 20 minutes more on grooming, but it’s definitely worth it. Not a single experience conducted by stars, bloggers or our editorial staff has failed: the skin is really grateful for such care. Firstly, it becomes less vulnerable to external stimuli, and secondly, its sensitivity decreases, and its tone increases.

And even if you do not completely get rid of wrinkles, the lifting effect will not keep you waiting. But do not flatter yourself: this does not mean that you do not need to monitor your diet. The mask will provide freshness, radiance and mask inflammation, but still the cleaner our body is from the inside, the better you look on the outside.

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