Face Skin Lifting at Home. TOP 4 Extraordinary Home Skin Lifting Methods !

Face Skin Lifting at Home.TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting Methods

Face Skin Lifting at Home.TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting Methods

With the age, sometimes it is not only the wrinkles that begin to disturb, but a change in the oval of the face: the contours are lowered, and an expression of fatigue appears.

Today,I will tell you how to choose a care program to slow down this process and prolong youthfulness of your skin.

Why and When do we need skin Lifting?

There are several main types of age-related changes, but in USA, 65% of women have deformity. In this case, there may be almost no wrinkles even in old age, but the face gradually seems to slide down: folds appear on the neck, bags under the eyes, a double chin.

Deformation aging begins with a tired face: the face looks like after a lack of sleep, even if the sleep lasted the prescribed eight hours. The skin becomes dull, the corners of the eyes and mouth go down, due to a decrease in muscle tone, nasolabial folds are indicated. These signs can be seen by the age of 30.

Face Skin Lifting at Home.TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting Methods

Unfortunately, no anti-aging cream can cope with sharp and deep nasolabial folds, a seriously floating oval of the face and overhanging eyelids. It is important to catch the moment when the first signs of age-related changes have just appeared: the creases on the face after sleep do not go away for a long time, the chin has lost its former clarity of lines, the face looks tired even after rest.

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If at this moment you include in your care products to strengthen the turgor of the skin, you can noticeably improve the overall picture and postpone more serious measures for 7-10 years.

When do we need skin lifting?

  • Too loose facial skin.
  • Due to age-related changes, the facial skin has become less elastic.
  • The appearance of wrinkles in different areas of the face.
  • The skin became drier and peeling appeared.
  • Pigment spots, yellowness are visible on the face, and the color has become unnatural.
  • The cheeks sagged a little, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet and a double chin appeared.

Contraindications of skin lifting?

  • Facial surgery less than six months ago.
  • Allergy to any of the components of the mask.
  • High degree of obesity
  • The presence of open wounds on the skin of the face.
  • Aggravation of vascular and dermatological

Skin Lifting Massage
A lifting face mask at home is far from the only way to make the skin more hydrated and eliminate some wrinkles.

Face Skin Lifting at Home.TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting Methods

There are other techniques to help you do this. For example, face lifting gymnastics at home. In other words, massage.

Take a look at the basic self-massage techniques with a tightening effect:

  • Use the tips of your ring and middle fingers to pat on from the wings of your nose to your temples.
  • Using the same patting motion, go from your upper lip to your ear.
  • Use a patting motion from your chin to your ears.
  • Use three fingers to stroke your forehead from the brow ridges to the hair.
  • Massage under the jaw with the back of your hand.
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TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting

There are many good recipes for a facelift at home. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main ones:

With a cucumber.

First, peel the cucumber and take the pulp. Whisk this mixture with protein. Then add one teaspoon of olive oil and apply this mask on your face for about 10 minutes. It is suitable for those with a dry face. Also, the mask is good in the presence of age spots.

With protein.

Separate the white of the raw egg from the yolk. Beat the first into a thick foam. After that, take a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, add to the protein and stir. This mixture is good for instant results. The fact is that the protein tightens the skin well, providing a lifting effect. It is mainly used for oily and combination face types.

With dill.

Face Skin Lifting at Home.TOP 4 Home Skin Lifting Methods

Chop a little dill and mix with rolled oat flakes, which must first be ground. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the resulting mass. This mask will nourish the subcutaneous layers of the epidermis, which will help to eliminate wrinkles.

With yeast.

This mask is suitable for women over 35. For its preparation, few components are required: dry yeast and olive oil. Initially, the first ingredient is diluted in warm water. You should get a cream-like mixture. Oil is added to this mass. The mask is applied to the face and removed after drying (it forms a crust). Such lifting also helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

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