Beauty is Strength!

Beauty is Strength

Beauty is Strength!

All of us like attractive people. According to the statistics, beautiful people earn 10-15% more in their entire life.

Beauty is strength, and this is well known phrase.That is why every second advertising poster has a beautiful woman, and attractive young girls with perfect skin and bodies.

However, scientists believe that subjective ideas about beauty still have general trends: for example, most people like symmetrical facial features. Psychologists suggest that we favor symmetry because it is indicative of good genetic inheritance. 

Beauty is Strength

 I will share with you some tips, ideas and beauty tricks how to make your face look symmetrical and thinner! So you will truly believe that Beauty is a great Strength!

How to sculpture a full face?

Beauty is Strength

A full face, as a rule, has two main features that many would not mind getting rid of: chubby cheeks and a double chin. All these problematic zones can be corrected without a plastic surgeon. 

Your best and essential friends must be dark corrector(sculptor) and blush. If you have a full face, try not to use too much highlighter.


When you are correcting, special attention should be paid to the cheeks. You have to darken them properly.This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Apply a sculptor in the usual way, over the foundation or
  • Darken the desired areas on clean skin, and apply foundation on top.

Remember,that a dark sculpting product should be one or two shades darker than your skin (and always with a matte finish!), and light sculpting products should be one or two shades lighter!

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The blackout zones in your case are the cheekbones: pull your cheeks in as much as possible and darken the area.

Beauty is Strength

Another great tool what will help you to hide the roundness of your face is the blush. Apply peach or pale pink blush with a natural bristle brush along the cheekbone, just above the dark corrector. 

P.S Do not apply blush in a circular motion: this action further emphasizes the zones that you want to hide!


Also darken the side surfaces of the face, apply the sculptor along the edges of the forehead, along the hair line.

You can also contour the nose by applying a dark concealer on both sides. A chiseled nose will make your face appear more sculpted and less rounded.


It is important to “emphasize” the jaw line: draw a strip along it with a dark corrector and blend down. It will also help to remove the double chin and make the neck thinner. Shading under the chin should be very soft as possible, without clear boundaries.

Full Face Makeup Tips

Beauty is Strength


If you have thin lips, you need to visually plump them up to make your face look thinner. Line only the lower lip with a pencil, slightly protruding beyond the natural contour, and then paint the lips with glossy nude lipstick.


Well-groomed, well-shaped eyebrows will make your face look thinner.The eyebrows should not be too rounded or overly pointed. The bend should be moderate. Make sure that the “tips” of the eyebrows are long enough, as short ones will visually make the cheeks even larger.

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P.S You should not pluck your eyebrows too much: thin ones do not suit anyone, but in your case they will also aggravate the problem. Use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow to brighten and accentuate them.


Beauty is Strength

The easiest way to distract attention from the full face is to draw it to your eyes. By the way, if you use black eyeliner, try to draw not clear lines, but slightly blurred and shaded. This simple trick can make your eyes look even bigger. Well, do not forget to hide dark circles under the eyes with a corrector.

Now you know how to make a correct makeup which will make your face thinner!

Well, as it was said at the beginning, beauty is strength. They insist that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but despite this, this is exactly what we do.

Yes, this happens on a subconscious level, but this cannot be denied in any way. Stay with us and be pretty! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!


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