5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever!

5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever

5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever!

Losing weight is something that people have probably always worried about… We are all in this eternal weight loss, not knowing what to apply this already in order to lose those very kilograms that prevent us from living. Some even go to the most extreme measures, doing what can permanently and irrevocably ruin their health. Here I want to tell you about 5 dangerous weight loss methods that you should never use in the fight for a slender figure.

Dangerous Weight Loss Methods № 1

1.Use of Laxatives

Remember once and for all: laxatives are not intended for long-term use, as, for example, weight loss requires. The side effects of prolonged use of laxatives can be dire, ranging from dizziness and weakness to rectal bleeding and prolonged constipation.

Such remedies include laxative teas for weight loss, herbal infusions, dietary supplements, buckthorn leaves, senna leaves, bisacodyl, as well as medicines supposedly helping to lose weight, which act directly on the intestines.

Often usage of Laxatives leads to Lack of water in the body has an extremely negative effect on all systems of the body, including dehydration threatens sagging skin and the appearance of deep wrinkles. Together with water, microelements are also lost from the body.

5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever

Dangerous Weight Loss Methods № 2

2.Inducing vomiting

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This is another terrible and, unfortunately, very popular method among teenagers today.

Many people mistakenly believe that vomiting after eating helps to lose weight, especially if there is a “cleanse” after each meal. Inducing vomiting on a regular basis can cause irreparable damage to your body.

Over time, the craving for cleansing the stomach becomes uncontrollable, and this most negatively affects health. Frequent vomiting negatively affects the mucous membrane of the throat and esophagus, the condition of the teeth. Liver and kidney problems occur. The patient is dehydrated, and seizures may occur. The risk of cardiac arrest due to impaired water-salt metabolism increases.

Dangerous Weight Loss Methods № 3

3.Strong reduction in calories

Yes, cutting calories will help you lose weight. It is important.It makes sense that if you get better from eating too much, you need to go back and reduce the number of calories you eat… But it is equally important that you should not rush from one extreme to another. For example, limit your calorie intake to unrealistic, for example, up to 500 kcal (unless you are losing weight in a fasting clinic and under the strict supervision of a doctor).

5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever

A strong reduction in the caloric content of the diet can lead to the fact that the body will fall into a state of “stress” and begin to store fat vigorously, as if thinking that it will soon be completely stopped feeding. After such a diet, you not only can permanently ruin your metabolism, but also then gain twice as much weight as you lost.

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Dangerous Weight Loss Methods № 4

4.Installing Toungue Patch 

Sometimes there is no better way to lose weight than “sew up your mouth”, but in this case, it will be about the tongue.

This is a cosmetic procedure for attaching a special patch to the tongue, which makes any solid food painful! There are several dangers here: if the patch is detached from the tongue, you can choke on it, and it is also worth saying that drinking diets are not at all effective!!!

Dangerous Weight Loss Methods № 5


5 Dangerous Weight Loss Methods That Can Ruin Your Health Forever

It is not clear why people believe that, having acquired this bad habit, you can lose weight …

The fact is that nicotine itself disrupts metabolism (it speeds up metabolism, but not by improving digestion, but by stimulating the nervous system, which is generally bad for the body).

After all, who needs yellow teeth, a smoky voice and problems with the respiratory system?

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