Professions and Weight Loss? IMPORTANT 6 ?

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6


Professions which require to weight loss? 

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 We are all accustomed to the fact that the main thing in work is skills and knowledge. But there are some professions in which weight plays the same role as ability, and is one of the most important lines on a resumes where it is a must to be slim.

The list of professions which require weight loss: Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

1.Fashion Models

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

When we think about professions and weight loss, the first thing that comes to our mind, of course, is fashion models. Unlike photo models, who always come to the rescue of Photoshop, they demonstrate clothes live. They are obliged to maintain their weight within certain limits, since all ready-to-wear and haute couture clothing collections are sewn in small sizes, which corresponds to the S or XS mark.

The fact is that on slender and tall girls, the advantages of models of clothes are better visible, especially if the show is held in a large hall.

Of course, this fashion industry goes to extremes, and many fashion models are unable to withstand the pressure, and they leave fashion business forever.


Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

Another great but difficult profession which requires weight loss is Ballerina.The ballet world is more closed than the fashion model’s world, so few people know that young ballerinas are taught from childhood to keep track of their weight. They endure the deprivation of not only delicacies, but also simple food before “control weighing”. In general, ballerinas have many parameters that they must comply with, such as flexibility, eversion, long limbs, jumping ability, etc., but if we talk about weight, then it is calculated by the formula: “Ballerina’s height – 122 = ballerina’s weight.”

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Despite the apparent fragility, ballerinas are able to withstand high loads in the form of many hours of daily rehearsals, because without this they can not achieve the goal of being celebrities on the stage.

Weight is especially critical for ballerinas who dance with a partner.

3.Opera singers

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

It turns out that the lack of weight affects the vocal abilities of opera singers. In order to maintain a soft and rich timbre and intonation, opera singers need to be in a certain individual corridor of weight.And in order for the vocal apparatus to withstand high loads, singers eat almost the same as athletes with an increased level of activity.This is how the overweight of opera artists appears.

Recognized world opera diva Maria Callasat the beginning of her career weighed 100 kilograms with a height of 174 centimeters. She took a risk, lost around 36 kilograms and went down in the history of opera as one of the most talented and beautiful representatives of it.

4.Flight attendants

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

How stewardesses are connected to profession of weight loss? Many airlines state that the slimness of the flight attendants is a prerequisite for their work. Any increase in weight carried by the aircraft increases the amount of fuel consumed. For this reason, the airline has to incur significant additional costs. GoAir India Airlines plans to save half a million dollars per 1 year from skinny flight attendants. These are fuel costs.

Marketers have already calculated how much all airline will save from miniature flight attendants. From each reduced kilogram they will save five cents. How much flight attendants should weigh is not reported. The standard weight requirements for most airlines is around 60-65 kg. If it is lower, it may be difficult in case of emergencies on board.

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5.Circus Artists

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

 For Circus Artists, when completing a performance with a partner without insurance under a circus dome, the extra kg can be fatal when performing complex tricks. Therefore, the ideal precision of the partners’ work and the balance on the brink of danger, according to the circus artists themselves, make this art so spectacular.

6.Artistic Gymnasts

Professions and Weight Loss? TOP 6

Artistic gymnastics is a very beautiful and graceful sport profession that teaches its athletes to proper and healthy nutrition from an early age. After all, there is a difficult task – to look gracefully throughout the entire sports career, during periods of physiological growth and rounding of the body, at the same time, receiving in abundance all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, macro- and micro elements. International gymnasts always follow strict diets and look slim. Rather, even thin.

Choosing a profession is an important stage in the life of every person. Every school graduates face this question. Before choosing a profession also think what it demands from you : loss weight or weight gain.

Fortunately, most people do not need to maintain extremely low or extremely high weights, but rather simply have a healthy weight and enjoy life.

Whatever your profession, a healthy weight and wellness will be great helpers and improve your quality of life. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!


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