How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40? Great Ideas =)

How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40?

How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40?

Closer to forty years, a woman needs to make more and more efforts to look great and be well- shaped! And it’s getting more and more difficult to achieve the desired results. But sitting on the couch in front of the TV with kilograms of chocolates is not an option!

Remember: the result depends only on yourself!

How to be always well-shaped after forty? The question is not idle, it is difficult, but the answer is quite clear.

The older you get, the more attention you need to pay to your physical fitness. Of course, if you want to stay vigorous, strong, flexible, fast and active until old age as long as possible. And you shouldn’t read this article further if “there is no time” …

How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40?

Lack of time, laziness, lack of motivation, or incorrect ideas about training and playing sports. In order to keep yourself in good shape, you do not have to sign up for a fitness room, spend a lot of time on strength training and so on. Just start following these simple rules:

 Main rules on how to be well-shaped for women after 40!

1.Limit or completely eliminate the so-called bad habits from your life:
smoking, hard liquor (including multi-liter beer fun), excess coffee and sugar, very fatty animal products.

Our biological processes slow down with age, it is more and more difficult for the body to cleanse itself of “garbage” and assimilate vitamins. And we need to help the body. How?All this significantly accelerates aging and spoils health at a rate noticeable to the eye. For something that got away with in 20 years, now you have to pay dearly (both financially and in feeling).

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2.Be as careful about personal hygiene as possible
The older you get, the more important hygiene is. Teeth cleaning, body hygiene, cleanliness of linen, cleanliness of the house – all these directly affect health and well-being.

3.Make time for regular doctor visits for well-shaped after 40!
This does not mean that you are sick. This means that you are smart. It is very frivolous to deny the fact that the body does not get younger with age. A 40-45-year-old person almost always has at least minor problems or sores. The doctor will help you notice and treat them in time. Fitness is not a substitute for treatment. But the treatment will perfectly complement the health-improving effect of fitness!

How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40?

4.Never train in programs for young people!
You are older. This says a lot. What is good for 20-year-olds can easily ruin your remaining health. And stop competing with them in strength and speed. They are still stronger and faster! It is much wiser to show intelligence and life experience.You need to start small.

For example, start from walks in the fresh air a day for one hour. Such walks will tone up. Indeed, even in a spacious, ventilated apartment, the air is 10 times inferior in all respects to the air in a forest park. Walking should be at least 4 times a week You will need 3-4 workouts of 20 minutes with body weight, medium intensity, including a couple of cardio exercises and a healthy diet. 

In training, you should pay maximum attention to such things as core training, cardio training, stretching. And let strength exercises become an important addition to this structure of the lesson. If you want to stay in a perfect body for a long time, forget about too large weights and excessive intensities.

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How To be Always Well-Shaped After 40?

5.Pay attention to your diet
Eating the way you could afford at 20-25 is not worth it now. Less fatty and sweet, definitely!

Sports nutrition, vitamins and dietary supplements are welcome.

My advice is simply to try to eat more balanced meals, eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce sugar and salt, fatty and fried foods.

A proper sleep schedule will also help keep your body in shape, sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed no later than 23 hours. Do light gymnastic exercises in the morning. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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