Popular Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy? 5 Benefits

Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy?

Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy?

 Chicken eggs are a useful product recognized by many doctors. But, as you know, “in a drop – medicine, in a spoon – poison.” How many chicken eggs can you eat per day without fear for your health? Is it generally okay to eat scrambled eggs every day? Leading dietitians have answers to these questions.

An egg is a healthy and wonderful product, it contains a lot of highly digestible protein, lutein, which is very useful for the eyes, skin, heart, there are vitamins A, D and E. Seven eggs a week is safe. Recently, they even say that you can eat 12 pieces a week.

Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy?

 5 Benefits of chicken eggs?

In addition to vitamins A, and E , eggs also contain:
  • Choline – good for the brain, is one of the main “building materials” of this organ, and also reduces the risk of developing cancer in women;
  • Lutein – maintains visual acuity;
  • Vitamin D – promotes good absorption of calcium, helps to strengthen teeth and bones, and helps children grow up healthy and form a strong musculoskeletal system;
  • B12 – strengthens the skin, hair and nails;
  • Folic acid – very useful for pregnant women, as it reduces the risk of brain abnormalities in the fetus.

What is a main harm from eggs? Is cholesterol a myth?

Why do some people think that it is better to limit the use of eggs, if not completely abandon them? It’s all about cholesterol. Around the 1980s, it was found that every chicken egg contains a large amount of this substance – about 370 mg per egg.

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However, cholesterol in eggs is not as harmful or dangerous as in many other foods (such as margarine). It would seem, what is the difference between fat in one product and fat in another? And it’s all about phospholipids. These substances can improve the absorption of cholesterol. As a result, the substance is not deposited in the form of plaques on the vessels or excess fat on the sides, but is used to improve the condition of the skin and hair, liver, and also helps children grow.

Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy?

Is it okay to eat eggs every day?

A healthy person can eat 2-3 eggs daily.The ideal state of the yolk is soft-boiled. This will ensure that your cholesterol levels are maintained without causing them to risk. Nutritionists suggest either using this product every day, but 2 pieces, or a couple of times a week to pamper yourself with scrambled eggs from three or four eggs for breakfast.

Two eggs contain the approximate daily intake of cholesterol for an adult. A child under 14 years old can eat 1–1.5 eggs per day – it will only be useful for him.

Who is not allowed to eat eggs?

Nutritionists advise to give up the regular use of eggs for people suffering from gallstone disease. Such food can provoke colic and pain. It is better for such people to limit themselves to a couple of eggs a week. People suffering from pancreatitis should completely abandon chicken eggs. We also note allergy sufferers. Chicken eggs are a fairly common allergen. If you have an intolerance to this product, it is better to refuse it altogether.

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How to choose right eggs?

In order not to be afraid of bacterial infections, pay attention to the following recommendations:
1.Do not buy broken or cracked eggs. The violation of integrity makes the internal content unprotected and susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms;

Eggs for EVERY Breakfast? Is it Healthy?

2.Wash the shells thoroughly with baking soda once after purchase. Then wash your hands with soap and water. Thanks to these manipulations, you will wash away dirt from the surface and prevent pathogenic bacteria from seeping inside.

3.A certain quality guarantee is always only the stamp on the shell, which is stamped at the poultry farm. This is the date and stamp of the manufacturer.


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