The Effect of Charming Flowers on Human Health. How to be Healthy?

The Effects of Flowers on Human Health

The Effect of Charming Flowers on Human Health. How to be Healthy?

Influence of flowers on vitality and human health

Disputes about how flowers affect a person’s well-being and state of health have been going on for a long time.

Some argue that indoor or garden flowers simply cannot have any effect on a person, except for aesthetic, while others have the exact opposite opinion, saying that plants can affect the body, providing a therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

Who is right in this protracted controversy?

The Effects of Flowers on Human Health

Of course, the effect of plants on the body cannot be compared with the effect of medications. Flowers cannot instantly relieve pain or lower a jump in temperature. However, their action is considered by many to be deeper and more effective than the action of medicine. And there are good reasons for this statement.

The aroma that flowers exude affects the metabolic processes in the body, stimulates them, thereby improving the functioning of internal organs. Such influence of plants on humans was noticed in ancient times. It was then that such a science as aromatherapy was born, the effectiveness of which has been repeatedly confirmed by modern scientific research.

 The air contains opportunistic microorganisms such as staphylococcus aureus, microscopic mold fungi. These organisms, getting into favorable conditions on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, can cause acute respiratory and allergic diseases.

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According to American scientists, the content of colonies of microorganisms in the premises of kindergartens often exceeds the norm by 4-6 times. And even the most modern technical means do not always provide a healthy air environment. Plants often serve as a filter for harmful substances. Also, the volatile secretions of many indoor plants have phytoncidal properties, that is, the ability to suppress the vital activity of microorganisms.

The Effects of Flowers on Human Health

 Interesting Statistics

The urban air environment is far from ideal. In addition to ordinary dust, indoor air often has a high content of chemical compounds emitted by building materials, furniture, and exhaust gases. For example, in Germany, more than 2.5 million people work in air-conditioned rooms, and every fifth person complains of poor health. One of the reasons for this is poor-quality indoor air, in which more than 1000 harmful substances have been found, including 250 highly toxic and 15 carcinogenic, that is, contributing to the development of cancer.

Types of Flowers and their benefits

Lemon and other citrus fruits improve mental performance, increase the amplitude of brain biocurrents. Lemon essential oil, even at very low concentrations in the air, quickly reduces high blood pressure. The scent of lemon leaves gives a feeling of vigor and improves overall health.

This makes citrus fruits desirable inhabitants even in those apartments in which it is almost impossible to get a harvest. This plant is useful for people of mental labor!

The well-known fragrant geranium has a calming effect, it is recommended to grow it indoors for diseases of the nervous system, insomnia!

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The use of hibiscus (Chinese rose), cissus, creeping ficus in interiors noticeably reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria.

Plants are always sensitive to the slightest changes in the state of the environment, because they are driven by the natural struggle for survival.

Houseplants, especially those living in our house for a long time, adapt to the effects of synthetic materials, reinforced concrete walls, household appliances and electronics. Plants change themselves and adapt the environment to themselves, changing and ennobling the situation in which they find themselves as much as they can. They help to adapt to their environment and the people who live next to them and take care of them…

Emotional sphere of all flowers

The Effects of Flowers on Human Health

Hardly anyone can argue with the fact that flowers have a direct impact on the emotional sphere of a person. When a person is surrounded by beautiful floral compositions, his mood rises, peace settles in his soul, and his thoughts come to order. To relieve stress, sometimes it is enough to visit a flower shop, breathe a unique scent and admire the beautiful plants.

Do not forget to delight loved ones by giving them flower bouquets and indoor plants.

By doing this, you will not only give them joyful moments, but also allow them to feel needed and loved, which will certainly have the best effect on the mood and well-being of the recipients of such gifts. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!