Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Tested Methods

Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Methods

Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Tested Methods

The correct mental attitude at important in any business. And the question of improving the figure and Weight Loss is no exception. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 2 kilos or 12. How do you prepare your brain and body for this process?

Who among us did not plan to start eating right or at least control this process, play sports and generally become more active. Why are we deviating from the chosen path? Perhaps we just lack awareness. The brain and body must be properly prepared for any changeespecially weight loss.

Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Methods

1. Set Particular Goals for Weight Loss
Instead, we set out abstract tasks for ourselves. The question “How would I lose weight?” too extensive. Try to think more specifically. For example: “I want to lose weight,three kilograms in a month to fit into my favorite pants.” This is a very specific goal. And in order to achieve it, you just need to reduce the calorie content of the weekly menu by 3500 kcal and start playing sports three times a week.

2.Revise Your Diet
Each person’s body burns a different amount of calories. And without counting them, it is difficult to lose weight. Find out how many calories you are burning.

For example, if you are 18-30 years old, multiply your age by 6.7 and add 487. If you are over 31 years old, multiply the weight by 4 and add 829. Then multiply the resulting number by the activity factor: 1.3 (if you work for computer and move a little), 1.5 (if you do sports 2-3 times a week), 1.6 (sports 4-5 times a week), 1.9 (you are a professional athlete).

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The resulting number is your daily calorie intake to maintain your optimal weight. Do you want to lose weight? Consume fewer calories and burn more. But don’t starve, or your metabolism will slow down. Better to plan 3-4 different meals a day in advance. If necessary, pack food in containers and take it to work.

3. “Prepare” your body

Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Methods

Exercise is an integral part of the process. But rushing off the bat is wrong. The body needs to be prepared for the load.

If you’ve never exercised, start with simple walking and abdominal exercises at home. Then include quiet activities like yoga, Pilates and aqua aerobics. Then you can try and serious interval or strength training. You should have at least one day off from sports per week.

4.Do not excuse yourself

Become your harshest critic and judge. Excuses from the series “I can’t lose weight because I work hard, get stressed, and deserve a tasty reward. And I don’t have time for sport ”spoil the whole business. Changing habits is always difficult.

5.Never listen to others!

“You can’t run five kilometers right now because you’re too lazy / fat / ate a cake for breakfast.” We hear such comments from parents, teachers or colleagues. They can hack to the root of all good undertakings.

They may be right, and you really won’t run five kilometers today. But maybe run two and a half. Or at the very moment when you want to stop, the second wind will open and you will reach the finish line. Why not to check?

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6.Overcome Yourself

Tune Your Body For Weight Loss. 6 Methods

You can stop weight losing at any time. Once you realize that it’s hard for you, you can give up and go on your usual chocolate-coffee diet. Or you can go to the store and make yourself a delicious and healthy salad.

Overcoming difficulties is not an easy task. Plus, fear of failure makes us weaker. For example, when you are doing push-ups and you are already unbearable, you can stop and stay where you were … or do a couple more push-ups and get over yourself.

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