Water and Weight Loss. 3 Interesting Facts!

Water and Weight Loss

Water and Weight Loss

The article tells you about the role of water and weight loss .The role of water in the regulation of metabolic processes in the body and gives recommendations for the preparation of an optimal drinking regimen.

In the medical and popular scientific literature, there are many recommendations for a balanced diet, which is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. We know very well that our body needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the right proportions to function properly. However, scientists did not agree on the use of such a vital element for all of us as water.

About Water

It is known that water makes up 2/3 of the human body: 22% of water is contained in our bones, muscles and our brain contains 75% of water, human blood – 92%, and gastric juice is 99% water.

Water and Weight Loss

Water regulates the weight and temperature of our body, carries nutrients to the cells and removes toxins and decays products from the body, protects internal organs, participates in the process of respiration, dissolves mineral salts, helps the body to absorb nutrients and convert food into energy.

And this is only part of the functions performed by water. Studies have shown that drinking the right amount of water can reduce back and joint pain, lower blood cholesterol levels, can help to normalize blood pressure and promote weight loss. Water does not contain salts, so its excess is easily removed from our body.

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Why do we need water?

Water and Weight Loss

Water is the most optimal solution to meet our body’s need for fluid. Its deficiency negatively affects our condition: fatigue increases, headaches become more frequent, the condition of the skin and hair becomes worse. With a water deficit of only 10%, the intensity of excretion of metabolic products from the body decreases, leading to its intoxication. Prolonged dehydration leads to a change in the mental state, inhibition of all vital processes in the body, convulsions and coma. A person can live no more than 5-7 days without water.

 Water and weight Loss Facts

 Fact 1. Water satisfies hunger.

More precisely, thirst, which we often mistake for it. The parts of the brain that control these two sensations are adjacent to each other.Therefore, we are often confused and instead of taking a few sips of mineral water, we put another sandwich in our mouth.

Conclusion: if you get hungry – drink half a glass of water! Have a drink and wait a little. Still sucking in your stomach? So, the time has really come for refreshment.

Water and Weight Loss

P.S Always keep a bottle of water nearby and take a couple of sips every 15 to 20 minutes. By the way, if the liquid is cool (or at room temperature), the body will have to spend more energy to absorb it and burn a few extra calories. 

Fact 2.Water allows you to lose weight without stretch marks and wrinkles.

It largely provides the elasticity of the skin. Proteins, collagen and elastin, which maintain its firmness and smoothness, have a gelatinous structure and require a lot of moisture. If you want your skin not to sag in the process of losing weight, drink enough water. Creams and serums moisturize the outside by only 20%. The remaining 80% is saturated with moisture from the inside. 

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To preserve the beauty of the skin and lose weight, drink water at the rate of 30 ml (in heat and days of intensive training – 40 ml) per 1 kg of body weight. Forget about the notorious 2 liters or 8 glasses of liquid, which are supposedly required for everyone. For a person who is weighing around 100 kg, they will not be enough. And for a tiny, 50-kilogram, young lady – too much. A clear excess of water in the body leads to the fact that useful minerals are washed out of the body.

What water to drink for weight loss?

Water and Weight Loss

Fact 3.This is a fundamental point: only with clean water we lose weight correctly.

Soda, juices, milk and yogurts will not help here, because they contain calories and increase blood sugar levels, and with it, appetite. They are food, albeit liquid, nutritionists say. Coffee is also not considered water, it is a diuretic and not something that does not saturate your body with moisture, but also additionally removes it.

Tea without milk and sugar is recognized by most physicians for “water”. That is, you can count it into your daily allowance. Still, in most cases, drinking plain water is better. 

Now you know everything about water and weight loss =)

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