Why and How Should You Moisturize Your face? 3 ANSWERS

Why and How should You Moisturize Your face?

Why and How should You Moisturize Your Face?

Every woman wants to keep her face young and beautiful for longer.

Ideally, this is possible by learning how to resist the loss of moisture in the skin. In fact, this is the answer to the question: why do you need to moisturize the skin of the face?

But this problem has a lot of nuances.

Why does Facial skin need Hydration?

Moisturizing is important for all skin types, and in some cases it is vital. No wonder the face signals a feeling of tightness, irritability and peeling. And the constant use of a large amount of decorative cosmetics is a sure sign that the skin needs additional moisture. After all, from this she experiences a real “thirst”.It becomes emaciated, sensitive, and the level of its protective functions is significantly reduced.

Improper Care of the Skin

As a result of many years of studying the question of why the skin of the face is intensively losing moisture, scientists, dermatologists and cosmetologists have come to a consensus that in most cases this is due to improper care of it.

Why and How should You Moisturize Your face?

This is not only ignorance of the problem, but also an excessive enthusiasm for cleansing procedures, which is accompanied by the use of aggressive cosmetics.

Most often, girls and women who have oily skin, with acne turn to such actions. In the process of combating them, dehydration of the skin occurs, its surface layer, the so-called natural moisturizing factor, is disturbed. It is the cells of the epidermis, which are designed to moisturize the skin and keep it in this state.

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Causes of Dry skin

2/3 of the human skin consists of water, most of which is in deep layers, and part – in the upper, stratum corneum. The feeling of tightness indicates a critical level of dryness of the epidermis. If after applying the moisturizing cream there is little relief, it means that the deeper layers need to be saved, since the natural moisturizing factor is seriously destroyed.

Why and How should You Moisturize Your face?
Why and How should You Moisturize Your face?

When asked why the skin of the face becomes dry, experts answer that the reason may lie in heredity, lack of vitamins, inappropriate nutrition, physical inactivity, as well as in an elementary lack of water in the daily diet of a person.

The skin of the face is dehydrated with constant stay outside during cold weather or in the open sun.

It dries quickly in winter, when a woman almost never goes outside, but is constantly in the area of operation of heating devices.

This situation can be illustrated by the example of an ordinary apple: it is smooth and firm, while the flesh inside is fresh and juicy.

As soon as it becomes less saturated with moisture, then immediately its rind begins to dry, wrinkle and wither.

Why and How should You Moisturize Your face?


One of the most effective skin moisturizers is hyaluronic acid. But after 25 years, its production by the body decreases sharply.

As a result, the skin loses its natural ability to store moisture in its cells. Also associated with this is a decrease in the amount of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the elasticity and plasticity of the skin.

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Water and Your Skin

If there is a lack of moisture in the body, then the skin suffers first of all, becoming overly irritated, sensitive, losing its protective properties. Therefore, it is important to replenish the water balance throughout the body. To avoid dehydration in the summer heat and winter frosts, during sports and physical labor, taking at least two liters of fluid per day will help. Otherwise, it does not matter which cosmetic care for the face for dehydration to choose, since all the means will be powerless!!!


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