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The Weight Loss Foods You Can’t Resist

Have you thought of replacing sugary meals with weight loss foods you can’t resist? Sometimes, we cannot resist eating sugary meals. How do you handle this situation?

The weight loss foods you can’t resist can help you because they taste amazing. 

Losing your weight or keeping the pounds off is not an easy process.

Weight Loss Foods You Can’t Resist

However, you can make use of a simple trick in getting your weight in order. 

We have listed some weight loss foods you can’t resist for you to try.

Why weight loss foods you can’t resist are great

Here are some of the weight loss foods you can’t resist:

Italian garbanzo salad

The Italian garbanzo salad is one of the weight loss foods you can’t resist. The vegetarian salad provides you with great ingredients.

These ingredients include fresh vegetables (onion, tomato), lean protein (chickpeas), low-fat dairy (feta cheese), and healthy fats (olive oil).

One serving (1 cup) of this meal is only 159 calories.

Weight Loss Foods You Can’t Resist

Poached salmon with yogurt-tarragon sauce

This meal comes with low fat and 35 grams of protein. Salmon is a favorite weight-loss food, which boosts the metabolism and naturally regulates the appetite hormones.

The salmon is topped off with a yogurt-based sauce and filling and packed with flavor.

 Because it’s cooked in liquid, you don’t have to worry about the fish tasting dry.

Crisp chickpea slaw

Crisp chickpea slaw is among our weight loss foods you can’t resist, which you can use for your picnic or weekday lunch.

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are packed with resistant starch for weight loss. Chickpeas are a great source of fiber and protein and help you stay fuller.

Ham, sliced pear, and Swiss sandwich

Enjoy this sumptuous meal that is about texture and flavors. Swiss cheese, yogurt-dill sauce, pumpernickel bread, and lean ham.

The food is packed with filling fiber. We can tell you that one sandwich offers you one-third of your recommended daily intake of fiber.

Do not peel the skin because that is where you get the most fiber.

Weight Loss Foods You Can’t Resist

Egg and Rice Salad to Go

Weight loss foods you can’t resist include rice salad and egg. The salad-to-go combines colors from green beans, fresh flavors, brown rice, walnuts, plums, and a hard-boiled egg.

You should know that brown rice is fiber-rich and hearty, which is high in resistant starch and low in calories. The hard-boiled egg is a protein pack, while the walnuts come with omega-3 fats.

Weight loss foods you can’t resist to try

Eggs Benedict With smoked salmon and avocado sauce

Eggs Benedict with avocado sauce and smoked salmon is a delicious meal. We listed it among our weight loss foods you can’t resist because of its taste.

You can try this meal with smoked salmon and Portobello mushrooms for an extra dose of healthy fat for your avocado sauce.

Asian rice noodle salad

The Asian rice noodle salad is a great meal for your weight loss. The food is light and packed with fat-burning brown rice and heart-healthy cabbage.

For those who have coleslaw, they can sauté the meal with ginger and garlic. You can include egg, soy, or chicken for an amazing feat.

Chard and mushroom butternut noodles

Pasta can be among the weight loss foods you can’t resist if you can swap the starchy-carb noodles with your butternut squash.

The meal is full of healthy fats and veggies to help you lose weight. The butternut noodles replace the empty-calorie wheat pasta.

The parmesan cheese helps you feel indulgent.

Citrus salad with crispy quinoa

Enjoy your citrus salad with crispy quinoa for weight loss. You can make your meals satisfying and nutritious when you go for this salad.

You can try topping your salad greens with a small boost of protein from warm quinoa.

Sausage and kale strata

Sausage and kale strata are weight loss foods you can’t resist. The meal contains less than 300 calories per serving.

The meal is full of health-boosting nutrients and fiber.

These are some of the weight loss foods you can’t resist. Which of these meals do you think you can try for your weight loss? main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!


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