Is Bitter Chocolate good for weight loss?

Bitter Chocolate: All Benefits and Harms

Bitter chocolate? The benefits and harms of which are the subject of lively discussions, remains the choice of many lovers of this delicacy.

Before we try to find out what is useful or, on the contrary, harmful to dark chocolate, first it is worth understanding what exactly this product is. 

Bitter Chocolate: All Benefits and Harms

Firstly, bitter chocolate is considered to be any confection that has a high-quality roasted cocoa beans content of at least 55%.

If this figure is less, then this is a completely different type of product. Any bar with a cocoa bean content above the 55% threshold is considered the bitter and highest quality chocolate.

Another factor that directly affects the quality of dark chocolate is the absence of various additional ingredients such as nuts, raisins, dried fruits, toppings or flavorings. Literally all the beneficial properties of dark chocolate are determined by its natural composition and high quality.

What’s Better? Bitter Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?


The Benefits of Bitter Chocolate? First of all, perhaps the decisive role is played by the high quality of this product, since there are certain state standards that regulate the quality of this type of confectionery.

According to this standard, dyes and preservatives, as well as various flavoring additives, cannot be used in the technological process of chocolate production. Literally, this means that the manufacturer has the right to write “dark chocolate” on the packaging only if the above quality standards are met.

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Thus, we can safely say that the benefit of dark chocolate lies in the fact that increased requirements for its quality exclude the use of various additives, dyes and other questionable ingredients. Scientists claim that the most healthy is chocolate with a cocoa content of about 76%. It is in such chocolate, experts say, that all the properties of this product that are most useful for the human body are concentrated.

Bitter Chocolate: All Benefits and Harms

Before we figure out exactly what beneficial properties chocolate with a large proportion of cocoa has and which one is healthier: bitter or milk. Here it is worth noting one remarkable fact. Bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content in the middle of the last century was included in the mandatory diet of the American soldier.

This means that throughout the entire period of service, the American soldier received a small amount of this product daily.

The diet of the American soldier is thought out to the smallest detail, and they receive only high-quality food that is good for health, without any harmful additives and dyes. This is one of the arguments in favor of dark chocolate, but there are other reasons why this type of confection is considered beneficial to health.

In a series of clinical studies, scientists have discovered the following beneficial properties of bitter chocolate:

1. A proven fact that dark chocolate prevents and slows down the physiological aging process of brain cells. It is for this reason that this dessert is useful at any age. Thanks to the unique antioxidants contained in cocoa beans, brain cells not only age more slowly, but also remain active much longer and retain such functions as memory, attention, concentration and intelligence.

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2.Dark chocolate also affects the cognitive function of the brain, that is, the ability to perceive information, analyze it and draw certain conclusions.

3.This delicacy has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, prevents blood clots, improves blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure levels

.It is a proven fact that the risk of developing heart attacks or strokes among those who like to treat themselves to chocolate are much less than those who prefer other gastronomic delights.

Bitter Chocolate: All Benefits and Harms

4.Chocolate lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, and therefore its use is recommended for patients in whom this indicator has already become alarming.

5.It has been proven by research by scientists that cocoa beans prevent cell mutations and, as a result, prevent the development of cancer.

Bitter Chocolate and Diets ?

The principle of the chocolate diet is quite simple: you need to eat 1 bar of 100 grams per day, dividing it into 4-6 equal parts. You can drink coffee with milk or green tea without sugar. Any other food during the diet should be categorically excluded.

The duration of such a diet can be from 3-4 to 6-7 days, depending on how a person tolerates this method of eating.

Also remember that this is one way to quickly lose weight and not a healthy eating system! This method can be used if absolutely necessary. In some cases, side effects such as:

  • Fast fatiguability;
  • Irritability;
  • Headaches;
  • Sleep disturbance, etc.

But remember that this is one way to quickly lose weight and not a healthy eating system! This method can be used if absolutely necessary. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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