5 Basic Types of Bad Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Them

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Them

The eternal female problem is HOW to hide the tummy? Your Tummy can be seen even when you put on clothes in several layers, but what can we say about tight dresses? You may not even dream!

Unfortunately, abdominal exercises to get rid of female tummies do not help every woman and not always. Because all the shapes, and therefore all tummies , are very individual. Each type of tummy needs a different approach!

So, Let’s define your type of tummy and choose the appropriate strategy how to get rid of it.

1.Stress Tummy

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

Such a tummy, as the name implies, appears due to stress. Most of the fat in this tummy is in the front near the belly button. The tummy is more firm than soft to the touch.

How is it formed? During a stressful event, our body begins to produce the hormone cortisol, which signals the body to quickly harvest fat in the tummy.

What to do?

– Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day, but it is better to completely exclude it;

– Before going to bed, take a bath with relaxing oils;

– Get enough sleep;

– Do not exhaust yourself in training, switch to yoga and long walks;

Include in your diet foods that are rich in magnesium (nuts, leafy vegetables, seeds).

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Important tip: before bed, you can reduce cortisol levels in your body with yoga, and chamomile tea will calm your nerves.

2.Saggy Tummy

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

These tummies appear due to a lack of physical activity and improper nutrition. People with these tummies like have an irresistible sugar cravings and are sedentary.

What to do?

– Give up alcoholic beverages, since they are pure sugar, which is the main enemy of the waist and slows down the breakdown of fats;

– Eat homemade food and fresh produced;

– Lean on good fats, fish, nuts, as well as vegetables, meat and eggs;

– Add physical activity to your life: move more and do yoga.

Important tip: Stop eating candy and cakes. Learn how to enjoy sport. Find something worthwhile for yourself so that you don’t think about problems and food.

3.Distented Tummy

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

Such tummies appear due to a poor diet or due to intolerance to some products, allergies. As a rule, in the morning the stomach is flat, but in the day it is distended from the fact that there is too much gas in the intestines and indigestion occurs.

What to do?

– Find out which foods lead to indigestion and exclude them from your diet;

– Temporarily exclude bakery products from your diet, lean on meat, fresh vegetables, fish and chicken;

– Drink more water and chew food thoroughly.

Important advice: a long walk after eating will contribute to good digestion, and breathing exercises will also help.

4.Postpartum Tummy

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

This type of tummies is found in women who have given birth and in mothers with many children. It appears after childbirth, when the uterus drops slightly and becomes heavier than before pregnancy.

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What to do?

– Wait a little, as the stomach after childbirth will begin to recover no earlier than 6 weeks later. Do not even dream of starting to get in shape faster;

– Train the muscles of the pelvis and lower abdomen to strengthen them;

– Eat good fats in order to burn the stored fat;

-Do Kegel exercises regularly to help tighten the belly from the inside;

– Do not do abdominal exercises, as they will only stretch your muscles even more.

Important tip: Stretch right before bed, and focus more on rest to restore the balance of hormones responsible for burning fat.

5.Accordion Tummy

5 Types of Female Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each

Such tummies appear with the constant performance of the same exercises and with an extremely monotonous diet. As a rule, in general, the figure in women with such a belly is slender, but its lower part protrudes noticeably.

What to do?

– Reduce the amount of fiber in your diet, eat more vegetables, lettuce, whole grains and oat bran;

– Do not be zealous with exercises for the press, the bar is better for you;

Do not build muscle by lifting weights, you better do it with dumbbell lunges and squats.

Important tip: More liquid and light proteins in the diet (chicken and fish).

Now You know all the 5 Basic Types of Female Tummies & How to Get Rid of Each of them.

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